2010 Game Competition -VOTE NOW!-

You can choose multiple games.


  • No voting for your own game
  • No hate posts
  • Look though all entries before voting
  • No Spam bots

If you break the rules, your team WILL be disqualified

Prize info and other information can be found at http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=181990

Links to downloads can be found here - http://wiki.diexon.com/index.php?title=Main_Page#Entrants

Or, just choose an entry here:

Traevaine Entertainment - Panthera Game Project
Xjazz - BGE AirRace game
Mattline1 - Dusk Game
Mrhippieguy - Project 3F-D
Cuervo1003 - Super Blender Galaxy
Core43 - Accelerated Delivery DEMO
Leonnn - The Chronicles of a Ghost Driver
Manchester1994 - Tire of Fire
Project Cassandra - Prototype Demo
Ecrivain - Finder of the Mines
gh123man - A Field Guide to Gravity
GoshFather - LifeTaker
Overkill - Action Racing
Andrew-101 - Tectonic
Legopatch - Shooter1
Sintel the Game
Wehrdo - PUCK

-Mokazon :slight_smile:

In the name of myself I apologize for rating every game in the list. I didn’t expect the result of this open protest.

Traevaine has been disqualified, as they have voted for themselves twice in a row, knowing that it was against the rules.

nice I agree with that!
and Seantking have only one post, i think that guys with less than 100 posts should not be consider !

ok this is good, lets keep it fair and make this a good contest. p.s - my vote is for super blender galaxy because its awesome!!! everyone else did a great job too i might add.

Blinkwing, I have a question, are you retarded to make this fault again.

I would vote for Super Blender Galaxy, but it is illegal to use Nintendo characters. Especially as they are using them in a way that will make profit.

Thats not FAir!!! -.-

guys, let’s keep this thread clean from pointless comments like “Thats not FAir!!! -.-” and “Blinkwing, I have a question, are you retarded to make this fault again.”

I ll stop look this thread, tomorrow I ll see what ll happen.
Mokazon you started something very cool and congratulations for that, its nobody s falt if some guys dont play clean!
Thanks for the oportunity aniway

My god, 1 post and complaining against another game, pretty suspicious.

Blinkwing make only the wep-page and why he challenge it out.

what happened?

I saw the poll and HAD to make an account. This is a very serious issue. It is ILLEGAL.

It doesnt make my comment any less true. New account or not.

@ geodude I understand ur point. It was a topic i addressed at the start of the contest and was granted permission to enter. I also had this debate a year ago with my yoshi game, but after a few months blendenzo lifted the ban on fan games and reopened my thread. I would appreciate ur vote. As for the legistics of it all fan games have been around for a while, and i dont plan on selling it. In fact i released all the blends so people can use them to learn, and be motivated by seeing the potiential for blender to make a some what idustry standard game. Thanks.

Even with the ban being lifted, that does not change the fact that you are profiting from nintendo IP. This doesnt matter if it is on blenderartists or not. Blenderartists may allow it, but that doesn’t change the legality of it.

i dont know about everyone else. but i get to vote once. and i get a whole month to make my choice. i think i know who i want but im gunna wait :slight_smile:

In the name of Traevaine Entertainment i deeply apologize for what Blinkwing did.
In the hope that you could forgive us for his missstep and give us a last chance.
We did work a long time only for this date and we are really sorry for what happened.

Traevaine Entertainment

you guys messed up, and were given a second chance. then, you broke the rules AGAIN. you KNEW you couldnt vote for yourself so to me its the perfect punishment that you are disqualified. Also, it is a sad attempt to try and bring down carlos by saying that his game is illegal when its not.

I understand how the other team members feel when one guy messes up what everyone else worked hard for, but I think two chances are enough to prove who’s playing fair and who’s not.

Good luck next year Jimmy.

We did not even mess up the first chance! We were given no second chance.
We are innocent, and in fact Blinkwing does not work in Project Panthera! :frowning:

You are the worst of all, you are really harrassing us and trying to defend carlos
This was a fair contest, until everyone started crying that it’d be unfair. A lot of the people
were in fact jealous and wanted a restart just for that reason, even though they will all denie it afterwards.

I just wanted a fair voting and ended up DQ’d , what a fair contest is this? …

We again apologize and ask for forgiveness, even though we know that you wouuld not grant a second chance.

Traevaine Entertainment