2010 Game Competition -VOTE NOW!-

I would hate to see this thread get as nasty as the other one, but here are my two cents:

  • Disqualify individual votes, not whole teams. Traevaine Entertainment is a larger team (8 members I think), and they’re international, which makes it hard to control every member of the team. It would be sad to disqualify a game/demo with months of work from multiple people just because one team member got stupid at the end.
  • cuervo1003 was given permission to enter this contest, so he should be allowed to compete. In the future, just don’t allow clones. Also, why a person votes for or doesn’t vote for a game is their decision. So, if geodude doesn’t want to vote for Super Blender Galaxy because it’s a clone, then that’s his choice.
  • If possible, I would close this thread for discussion and only use it for polls and announcements. Then, have a second discussion thread to pile the garbage.

Really? Have you read Nintendo’s policy? It is very much so illegal. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but it is in fact illegal. www.nintendo.com/corp/ippolicy.jsp

100% agree with Moguri

Yep, Moguri all the way.
Close this sucker to comments and only use it as a voting mechanism. One can always open a new tread on BA for ‘comments’

What it doesn’t seem you understand is that the permission to submit the clone was given by blenderartists, not nintendo. Nintendo did not give permission to use their characters, which means it is illegal. If he had permission, I would vote for him, it’s not because it’s a clone, it’s because it is illegal.

How can you say that you were not given a second chance? The rules specifically said , no voting for your own game, 4 people from your team voted for your game and said that it was an accident and they didnt know the rules. Mokazon gave you a second chance by not disqualifying you and restarting the polls. Within 2 minutes a team mate from your team voted on your game. Lets not forget the rapid amount of votes from accounts registered today…

I agree with geodude. I think Super Blender Galaxy is a great game, but it’s a fan game, so he shouldn’t make profit out of it.

I understand what you’re saying. And I wasn’t talking about permission from Blenderartists or Nintendo, but the person running the contest. I still say let the game continue to compete. However, if Super Blender Galaxy does place in a prize winning position, then the contest maintainer and the creator of Super Blender Galaxy may want to talk about any legal questions arising from winning prizes.

Also, the voting rules are unclear as to who will be disqualified by breaking the voting rules. It just says “you” which I would imply to mean the voter, not the project. However, it would appear that Mokazon’s intentions was to disqualify projects. This should probably be made clear in the rules.

hmmm… look at all the votes. and yet i only have 4 more downloads from noon yesterday.

@Mokazon-if you happen to find out un-wanted votes, just simply decrease from the respective game’s votes the wrong ones, no need to get more complicated than that.
*Very important announcement: If word of this competition gets too spread and if certain “institutions” consider that someone has used illegal content, I think the problem should be forwarded to the ones with the issues(if that thing happens, disqualification will have to be instant and the “bad content” should be erased immediately(except the creator’s own work, of course)). Things may not be very pretty if we get into bad stuff like this, so take care guys…!

Oh god this is getting even worse, I dont agree with the traveine comming back, that was unfair not only for one member of the team but there are more than one vote of the team on the game, I totally agree with mogury that game should be out, they have two chances, on this thread everyone knows the rules, so, when someone get off the rules what rappen? We ll let it go? Came on!
About cuervo s game I cant say a thing.
But i think that there is not only traveine playing dirt!

We arent playing dirt its just someone started saying this and now they repeat it all over.
We havent done anything wrong, apart form Blinkwing who voted for ALL to show that it equals voting for nothing to protest against the new poll, which already lost fairness because the result has been manipulated.

A lot of people here act like jealous babys, without me wanting to insult anyone.
Just wanted to say that, because declaring us guilty is not in your point.

We can accept that we are disqualified, though we dont agree with it, but we really dont need people starting to tell lies and bad things about us and simply dont know whats going on, or are just jealous because we ranked so good.

Wow, LOL, okay, agree, this is getting worse.


Omg, why would u dq a whole team cuz a single team member was a retard.

Please guys, discount that vote and move on!! :ba:

I said they should not be disqualified. And since the voter did not follow the rules, I’d say the voter should be disqualified; not the project.

@ everyone
Also, people are acting like the whole team is a bunch of dirty cheaters, which I think is rather unfair to the team. These kind of character attacks are just uncalled for and I’m pretty sure they’re rather hurtful to a team of, most likely, honest hard working people.

Moguri you’re like the wise guy here. I completely agree with what you say.:yes:

How the hell did i get into this. I busted ass on this project. If i had known it would have been an issue I should have been told at the start “WHEN I ASKED PERMISSION” this was way before money was involved. This was back in March when i asked. How is this fair to me when I have worked on nothing else but this game since. Just because the a new user who obviously has a biased opinion about all this. So now I can be in the contest but i cant win. This didnt seem like an issue when i wasnt in the lead. I am supprized that the community doesnt see thought this. I know this a competition and i should expect people to be competative, but come on. Why do i need to be slandered when all i have been is sportsmanlike. I am giving u a project i put my heart into i’m not even tring to hold anthing back. I realize it is a nintendo fan game but I am in no way tyring to sell or claim the idea. Its a fan game nothing more and nothing less.
I have premission from mokazon to update and change the “3” characters. I am reluctant to do this because I dont feel its not right to tell me this after deadline. My wiki has been up for a while no one complained then. Here are is the proof i am under contest rules.http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/3608/blendenzo.png


Is this contest about the game and its gameplay or just who has better graphics and useless features. I see Traevaine Entertainment - Panthera Game Project is all graphics his gameplay is crap and their is nothing to do but run around, more of a interactive portfolio to look at 3d models than a game.

with the mario thing yes it uses mario and I have seen so many clones using mario all he has to do is change the character with a mario feeling character and its fine look at the gameplay people his is one of the few on here that actually shines with actual gameplay which is what you should be looking at in a game.

Aslong as nintendo doesnt want you to stop you should stay in and you really deserve to win, Carlos :slight_smile:

We did not finish the gameplay in time, and we are sorry for that, though we cant change the fact, because it costs a lot of work to finish gameplay which is worth showing

I never play a game because of grapics I might be drawn into it by graphics and fancy features but until I experience the gameplay I dont know if I like the game. I must admit I was excited for your entry and then I got into the game and all I seen was a bunch of models and nothing to do. =/

I know it takes awhile but that is why you shoulda focused on gameplay and used many placeholders for models and when you finished gameplay go wild on modeling you knew this was a contest so you knew their was a time limit so you need to focus on what is most important and add the rest when it is complete.

gameplay is the center of a game and if you dont have any, your game is not much of a game.

I know im being a bit harsh be dont you see what im trying to point out ? =/

Moguri: I disagree. I was talking to their whole team, and I told them if anything else happens like this, they’re out. They knew full well what they were doing.

mercc1: I agree, that’s what I was focusing on with my game, Cassandra. Hardly any art, but fun gameplay.

Also, I’m gonna ask a mod to lock this topic. It is inspiring hate comments and I discourage this completely.