2010 Game Competition -WINNERS ANNOUNCED-

Sunjay: hmm yeah, that’s a good idea!!! “Push Blender to the Limits!!” perfect! :slight_smile:
Yeah, I don’t have any rules layed out yet, and the sign up is just to see who’s interested in joining…AND they will get notification when the real sign up is.

About the rules, do you have any ideas to add? I have a very few in the main post…im open for suggestions :wink:

Same rules as the old contest.

  1. Game must be made in Blender
  2. Game must be able to actually run on someone else’s computer besides your own.
  3. etc…

Oh, yeah. I’ll update the rules list. Thanks

…a demo, eh? i’ll see if i can do that.

I signed up and am entering my horror survivle game called Asylum. Prepare to be scared…

I’ve signed up, so i’ll start working on it now. this competition will hopefully motivate me to finish a game.:o

lol, each time I see this thread, I think of… The summer olympic games XD I don’t know why…

I think I’m going to go with a classic game and stylize it… Like super pong, or… super break out and super pacman… lol

cool am defenetly doing this. my first entery to a contest :smiley:

also for the prizes maybe it could be something from the blender eshop. that would be really cool, or maybe the first 3 winners from the gameplay, graphics and logic brick only, they could team up to make a game on blender 2.5. that would be like pushing blender to the limit :wink:
anyway if I have a chance of winning I would love to get a prize from the eshop :wink:

sign me up

There should also be some rules on how old the games can be. No one should be able to enter games that are more than maybe…a month old or so?

Sunjay03: no… a month is too soon. Maybe no earlier than September 2009? That would give a year at max. Its nice if we have big games along with mini games…we want as many people to enter as possible, without just having a bunch of little mini games. But thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Forsaken Studio: You have to sign yourself up…

Thats too long! Then people will just add to their contest games! We want new games, and original ideas! (By that I mean squeals or something.)

EDIT: That should be a rule!

Sunjay: but we want people who didnt finish there games in time for the last contest also…

The game I entered for the competition was not the game I intended. The game I was going to enter was a sweet car game. Two weeks before the contest deadline, it all got erased. I will never get to enter that.

I believe that we should be endorsing new ideas. It will allow people to include their old stuff into new stuff and make it better. This will also make our theme more relevant. “Pushing Blender to its limits and beyond!”

Sunjay: But I don’t want to make everybody start over with there games if they already have been working on it for a while…just FINISHING a game is an accomplishment. Pushing blender to its limits doesn’t mean ditch old games, and start new ones…it means do the best you can with your current project.

Im not saying ditch the old games, I am saying that we should use the old games and make them better.

Maybe it would be better if we say that no one is allowed to enter a game that was entered into any previous contest.

Sunjay: ok… I’ll make it so that as long as it has been updated from previous contests.

Watch your A$$ boys, I’m going to rock this competition :RocknRoll:

Thanks for organizing this competition Mokason.

i’m in for sure. I didnt even know there was a contest until it was to late. I would have definatly joined. Just keep us posted on deadlines and things like that. One question could it be fan games?

Ninja Goliath: Ok, great! :smiley: We shall see…I’ve got an awesome game planned >:)

Cuervo1003: Yep, I’ll definately keep you guys updated :wink: Hmm I guess fan games can be allowed…