2010 Maserati Quattroporte

Hi, I am new here… and currently in transition from 3DS Max to Blender

I do mainly car renders so my first project in Blender will be a car render

Right now in the early stages of forming the shape of car, will update as it goes along…

I will be watching this thread closely because it’ll be interesting to see whether someone who creates cars in 3ds Max can bring that same quality over into Blender.

Same as GrandeP!

Welcome home Kaixax!

About 2 years ago I made the decision to move from max to blender. Never regretted it. If anything at all my work has only improved and after a month I got completely used to the interface. One thing that really helped me finding a good workflow is getting to know all the hotkeys.

This definitly looks like a good start, and might I say a very nice car to model.

haha I am not exactly really good at 3ds max… though I made a few cars on it before…

Anyway, worked on improving the flow of the mesh today… I think it still needs much more work for mesh to flow well…


Do give advice on how to improve the flow of the mesh even further


made some changes based on the reference images for the Quattroporte


Do give advice on the flow and topology of the mesh.