2011 mac pro - AMD Radeon HD 6750M GPU Cycles?

Is this possible?

I’ve been searching all night to get this to work, but have yet to find a conclusion/working solution.


Unfortunately it is impossible to cycles in amd radeon does not work now walk but some features may not reconedable use is unstable.
If you are a mac user could contact apple for as we try to demand that amd has a better catalyst for cycles. Unfortunately they had also hoped that the new mac pro 2013 take out out of all that potential but there is no render engine for real-time amd more stable and can be LuxRender luxvr, smallluxgpu ect.

Desgraciadamente es imposible cycles en amd radeon no funciona de momentos algunas características pueden andar pero no es reconedable usarlo es inestable.
Si usted es usuario mac podria ponerse en contacto con apple para ya que tratamos de exigirle a amd que tenga un mejor catalyst para cycles. Por desgracia tambien se tenia la esperanza de que la nueva mac pro 2013 sacara provecho de todo ese potencial pero no hay ningun motor de render para amd en tiempo real el mas estable puede ser Luxrender y sus luxvr,smallluxgpu ect.

Even if it ends up working at some point, this GPU is not useful for GPGPU rendering, so don’t waste your time.

The latest version of Lux Render supports AMD