2012 BGE contest entry :: "Proximity"

Nocsno :: Terrans

Here are a few characters from a game I am working on titled “Proximity”. It will be a FPS survival game where you choose a gender from five different races, and crash on one of six different planets. The goal is to survive until help arrives, or fix your ship. This game will be entered in the 2012 Blender Game contest, and will be worked on while I work on Adventures’ Edge. While this game will feature a pair of characters from Adventures’ Edge, no other resources (Except my 3D text) will be taken from AE. AE may, however, contain creatures from Proximity.

Looking cool.

hehehe needs a little more definition in your models looks very cube :stuck_out_tongue:

Models like this should do fine when properly animated.

I don’t know :). i don’ t play a game for years now P.

Looks alright - I like the two on the right :slight_smile: That thing on the left could use some more work, though. The objects used to model the character still stand out. Also, the ears look like that of a bunny, the eyes look like stickers, the mouth like a beak and the anatomy as a mix between that of a human and a bear… this would all be fine if it’s a fantasy character or an alien (in which case, ignore me), but if you’re going for one of the above, some features should be adjusted :slight_smile:

The black patch on his crotch is slightly disturbing…:confused:

The black spot was a lighting error, I forgot the .10 emit I use when using the toon shader. The characters are all aliens (I don’t care much for humans) and the white one is known as nocsno. They are a cross between a rabbit and owl, plus they live on a cold planet, hence the “fluffiness”. I will try to work on the eyes, but the red rings are from blood vessels to keep them from overheating with all that fluff. They also do not have fingers, rather claws that they sharpen into hooks to use as fingers. I will have both male and female versions of each alien race. The six planets and their sun are also pictured.

Looks nice, good luck.

@Alekzsander, his models are fine, your models are very high poly, his are low poly.

It sounds like you have already put a lot of thought into your characters with that brief explanantion you just gave and that is good! Remember to stay true to your art direction and everything should feel at home in the game world. Looking forward to see your gameplay and mechanics.

Great design!
It reminded me of it here:

(Excuse my English: Google Translator)

Because of a toothache, I have not been able to work on anything. After going to the dentist I was prescribed antibiotics and Ibuprofen (800mg), so now my tooth feels better, but it still needs to be pulled. Here is the Difurno species and a front and side view of the Zaquarian. Once I have skinned the Zaquarian, I’ll finish the Kawaii textures and set up some animations.

I am focusing on AE currently, and I had a tooth pulled. It is a good thing that I have so much time to finish this project.

I should post on this thread, and you guys might need this. Here is a cross-platform save/load module.

# 2012 PlanetKillerGames
# cross-platform save/load modules

import os
import pickle

def save(file, data):
    path = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
    a = open(path+"/"+file, 'wb') 
    pickle.dump(data, a, pickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL)

def load(file):
    path = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
    a = open(path+"/"+file, 'rb') 
    data = pickle.load(a)
    return data

It has not been tested in windows, but it works in linux; cannot test on anything else. This should help automate saving and loading data on multiple platforms and reduce the amount of python written. It uses the pickle module because I kept having trouble with shelve, it is also free to use and modify.