2012 BGE: The legend of the Riders (working title)

The Legend of the Riders

This will be my post to track my BGE Summer Game Challenge.

The game will shoot to be a hybrid along the lines of a Zelda/Shadow of the Colossus. In that I mean to have Zeldaesque dungeons and SOTC horse travel outside. Shooting for a 60/40 gameplay experience meaning 60% would be mounted play and 40% on foot solving dungeons. By the end of the year I hope to have a sizeable chunk of the first chapter with strong gameplay mechanics inplace. I would love for this project to become a co-op experience but that is not the focus for the competition.

Quick breakdown of the plot.
You play a young character that is in a life transition from being a student/ child to young adult/career. One day you are approached by a legendary Rider, and he offers you an invitation to “The Trials”. This is a set of obstacles and puzzles to solve in order to be accepted into the Riders Brotherhood. Think of the Riders as an elite unit of mounted warriors. Renowned and mysterious.

The trial portion would be my target chapter for this competition. Establish strong characters and an interesting storyline.

Intous 3 tab, Blender,SketchUp, Sculptris, Sketchbook, Mypaint, Gimp, ShaderMapPro, Fruityloops

Concept Art

Models (and WIPs)

[ATTACH=CONFIG]167907[/ATTACH] (high Poly in face and hands, in game model can be optimized)

Target shot for scale and art direction

That Model looks very good, it has got a very pretty Texture already.
The Concept Art is great, setting a good Mood already.
The Gameplay Concept sounds good.

@C.A.ligari - Thanks for the positive remarks. One thing I would like to state is I have set a goal for myself to really try and set a higher level in the content I produce than I would normally accept as finished work. Starting from the ground up, say with the concept art, The more I push myself the easier the next step will be thus letting me really create solid peices.

I say the same as C.A.ligári, very nice thread start; it will be a good game if it keeps this graphic level and the gameplay is well planned.

Added a screen above as a target.

This is my rig so far and it shows my topology off alittle bit.

So Ive decided I need to get better at rendering normals and AO maps inside blender. The pic so far shows progress is better. I believe my main character will visually go threw a major overhaul by competition end. But for now this model will stay to keep momentum going on the other aspects. As much as I love Sculptris I have decided to do all my detail meshes in blender with SubD and sculpting.

*Model on the right has normal and AO map applied.
Model out of sight on right is the high poly mesh

Woah, nice screens, fairly impressive graphically, reminds me of Faith II.

@RossBlenderAr - Thanks for the comments. Grid looks solid. Something I could see released on Xbox Live.

Haha, thank you! :slight_smile:

Little shot of my next Model/Character(WIP). This is the High poly model.
Modeled with a SubD modifier. Then I will do a sculpt pass for the intricate details.

If my low poly model turns out good with the amount of detail I want to get with a normal map, then this will probaly set the bar for the rest of my characters.:evilgrin:

Another round of shots of my progress so far.
In my mind I have a pretty interesting story for the game. With all the great fantasy stories out there its hard to be truly original, but I feel my premise might hold its own if executed well. Theres some concept art here to show a secondary race I want to implement. And a female warrior about ready to head to a sculpting phase.

I would actually like to create a working relationship with a talented python blender head if possible. Maybe I can do some concept art or models for you.
I would like to concentrate on art, story, and music and would like to farm out my game mechanics and ai. I have started my game play with light code and logic blocks, but it could be so much better.


Just some shots to show I am still going at it. Gameplay vids soon.


i loved the concept art i wish i could draw like that but i defenetly plan to learn all that someday soon!! and i liked the models too,i just think that in the last update u could add some variation to the rocks and blend the grass with a little dirt between the grass and the rocks , thats all i havwe to say for now :smiley:
keep ip up man

Nice work Redikann, the only thing that I think you could improve on now is the cutoff between the grass and rocks/cliffs. Maybe have some 3D grass going up the rocks just to make it blend in, or you could add moss. :slight_smile:

You two are both correct with your suggestions. What you see in that picture is me messing around with some textures and trying to decide if I want to texture splat my terrain or add detail static meshes to break the hard lines up .
Thanks for the input!

I would propose to splat it, personally.

I will probably take that route agoose77. I really havent got a terrain finished yet but that method gives the best results.

So i wrestled with it for awhile and decided to go for a cartoony/artsy texture versus photo real textures.
These textures were made in gimp and they are low res.
I sampled colors from real pictures and then painted the grass.
I used a hi res tex to snag a portion of it and produce a tileable low res rocky texture.
The cracked soil needs some color adjustment (darker brown versus the red/orange look).
Also texture splat as discussed above.