2012 Camaro ZL1!

Update: the DVD has officially been released, http://www.cgmasters.net/training-dvds/car-modeling-and-texturing/. Terry Wallwork also posted a review on Blender Nation, giving it a 95%! Read the review here: Review: Car Modeling and Texturing

Hey all! My latest project was a 2012 Camaro ZL1 for a new training dvd for cgmasters.net. I worked from my own custom blueprints which are included in the dvd as well. You can order it at cgmasters.net. Also until January 1st can order the bundle deal which includes my last dvd on environment creation at half price. Creating this was quite fun, and the dvd shows you how to create the scene in its entirety including modeling, texturing, compositing, and making the studio environment too. There’s more screenshots and highres renders on the dvd page. Let me know what you think!

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Yeah!!! I work harder and save my money for this one next month! Great! :slight_smile:

Great work. DVD definitely looks like it has some great content.

Looks great!

looks polish! welldone!

Thanks all! Just uploaded some clay renders to show the model details:


YAY! My baby! I’m getting one of these soon!
Awesome job! This car looks really epic! :smiley:

Nice and clean. I might have to invest in this DVD when it comes out (the more training material the better I guess). :RocknRoll:

Wow, sexy ! :slight_smile:

Kind regards

pretty cool can we see a wiremesh screenshot?

very good… i like it… i dont know if its the lighting or if you are using a sun/sky, but it seems a bit blue for my taste, its not just a highlight or a tint. the model its self looks good tho. great work.

That’s just fantasic!!

thanks everyone! cekuhnen, I’ll try to get one up this week, I’ve been pretty busy with finishing up the dvd. ThorntonStrolia, thanks and yeah I can see where you’re coming from. I must’ve gone through about 20 different render setups before settling on something I really liked, and I found the blue to have a nice style to it.

Bought this video set a few days ago and Chris has basically performed the one finger salute to everyone who says that you must use quads at all time when modelling a car. I’m not posting any screenshots because he’ll tear my nuts off, but there’s a surprising amount of n-gons that seem to have no affect on the mesh what-so-ever.

It’s rather strange… :spin:

GrandeP, hahah! Well quads would be best but I do use ngons here and there in places of low or no curvature, or places that it otherwise wouldn’t have any noticeable effect on. BTW, how are you liking the tutorials so far?

To everyone, the DVD is finally complete and officially released! And in the spirit of the season we’ve extended the bundle deal, which includes the environment creation dvd half price, until new years!

The tutorial is very good and the method of modeling is something I’ve never attempted before. I’ve always had it drilled into me that car modelers MUST USE QUADS OR ELSE!!

If you know what I mean… :eyebrowlift2:

You’re talking about the topology, i can’t see it because i haven’t the DVD. Blengine can you post the wireframe please? It’s as important as the final render for a modeling tutorial.

The render is great, the surfaces are very clean, polish, i see no bump. You master hard surface modeling, rendering and compositing, it’s very professional, nice work! Maybe one of the best car render i have seen!
Maybe a bit too blue like somebody said, because the black parts like the aerations at the front and the part of the car hood appear in dark blue, the shadow too. But it’s the only tiny thing that i dislike.

Yep here you go… the part above the back tire(includes roof) actually had subsurf applied so I could cut a hole in it for the gas cap, so that’s why there’s more faces there.

Damnit! HAVE TO HAVE THIS DVD! :smiley:

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