2014 Corvette stingray

Some of you may know that for some time now I had been working on a dodge viper. Im not 100% sure that I am done with that project, but for the time being, since I have already decided to restart the vipers body, I thought I would move onto a corvette stingray which has recently peaked my interest. While something about the stingray just isnt as cool as the THOUGHT of a v10 (really a v10 anything), the car looks cooler and side by side performs better than the viper, from what I have read and watched.

I am deciding to use aftermarket parts on this model, possibly involving a body kit, aftermarket spoiler, and most definitely Devil eye HIDs.

Good luck! it looks good so far, but 101k faces already? do you just have subsurf cranked up?
I’m fine with you doing either the viper or corvette just as long as you finish one :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s good model, mee too im making car and your shader it’s amazing, look good model, just not brake edge because in render it’s more better when you see reflect light of edge.

Im not exactly not doing the viper, but I decided to restart the body, and considdering how many other people have already done one recently, I just felt I might as well make a car I am more interested in for the time being and import resources from the viper.

And yes, the poly count is high. I have a subdevide X3 on it just so I can see the clean edges, but I will nock it down in the near future. It souldnt be too bad. I optimized many parts of the system settings for my system so I can probably get right around 600k polys ok before I have to turn down the subD

Thank you. Im not sure I know what you mean on all parts of your post here. This is just a test shader… I will import my shader from my viper and just change the colors when time comes. If you ever want tips on shaders, feel free to ask here or PM me. My lighting also isnt great. I just threw some lamps in so you could see the model.

Just an update. finnished the bumper and added emblem. Wish I could get the topo down a bit more but the model can only survive so many tris before it starts to look bad.

that looks as if its going to be a great model. cant wait to see this in some renders.

thanks, cant wait to have some renders XD

Looks nice so far.

Kinda shoked at the 101k vert face though. With or without subdivision.

3x subdivision. lol. I actually made note of that a few posts up. I should be able to get to about 400,000 before I have any serious modeling problems. Maybe 600,000.

Thanks for your post. I am still looking for a way to salvage the body of the viper but in the mean time this should be a good project. When they are both done I can forget the drift scene I was gon’ do with the viper. Just put them both in a street race scene XD

I know its been a few days. Just graduated high school and had have been on over load prepping for college. For the past 5 some odd hours I have been working on the “pilot super sport” normal map and bump map. Here is a test render. It is not finished. When I am done I will post a 1024x1024 version of the normal and bump, but a higher resolution will be available on turbosquid. I intend on selling the higher resolution, and potentially the tire as well. I may or may not have time for a job now and definitely will not when classes start, so any possible way to create the possibility of recurring payments I think will be beneficial to me.

All done. I will lower the resolution of the bump and normal then upload.

Here they are guys. Only 1024X1024, I know, a bit small, but if you wish to purchase the 6000x6000 px normal and bump at a later point, they will be available on turbosquid and I will post a link.

Here is some progress, complete with finnished normal map


this looks great, awesome rims.

just one tip though
for future screenshots use:
info panel ----> Render ------> OpenGL Render image

or just click the little camera button at the bottom left of the 3d viewport,

great work!

Rims are all finished

Thank you so much…

Just an update. to be honest I botched the tire, in my opinion, wheel wall to big, wrong spacing on the treads. I think I will try again later, but just an Idea of how it will come out.

Wow this tire is so tasty and i just had lunch…
well i think you are right the wall is too wide , looks like it is.
But your rim is awesome , how do you achieved the the FORGED title , bump/normal ?

Edit : ok i saw it , you used normal, great.

Damn, awesome work ! Can’t wait the next step.
Congrats for the rim, definitively nicely modelled and shaded.