2014 Ram 2500

Hey guys and gals, I’ve been working on this project for BlenderGuru’s Photorealism Competition, but I have been having some issues. I’m working on the paint job for the truck and cant seem to get it right. Can anybody give me some suggestions on how to create this glossy black paint? Thanks

Here is the node setup I use for glossy car paint with flakes. Try it out, although obviously you’d have to adjust the colors because mine is red right now. Check out my Carrera GT thread if you want to see how it looks. Let me know if it works :smiley:

Hey man thanks. That helped a bunch. The paint is still coming out a bit bright, but that can be fixed in the composite!

No problem! Looking forward to some renders :smiley:

nice car :smiley: looking forward to see more :slight_smile: