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hello Guys and girls, hope everyone had a fantastic new years eve. and hopefully an allright 2021.

So I started some projects and posted them here from scratch and for the moment ive been pretty happy with the results and then ofc over time I really dont like them. SO lets try agien.

Here i am pretty far in the progress just some tweaks left but i thought i would share it , perhaps get some feedback.


Ive done her like my other characters from scratch, sculpted in zbrush and all other things in blender execpt for color correction that was done in ps. theese two images where trying differnt way to use the light tho they are similar.


Your old renders are great. I hope this doesn’t come across as rude, but she’s not as good as your previous work. Particularly the eyes, but also the mouth, and well the hair too. The hair looks a little thin and unpolished, your more recent work had hair that was more lush and shapely.

From your Claire render (since they’re somewhat similar similar in appearance):

This render:

And lower:

There’s a texture difference, but I think even accounting for that this still feels less cohesive:

For the eyes, the shape might actually be all right, and it could just be the sclera. If you compare this image to your Claire render (since they’re somewhat similar in appearance), you’ll notice that Claire had a much more life like sclera, with some pinks at the corners that blend a little with the lacrimal. This is in my opinion key to life like eyes. The new one is a fairly flat bluish color. The new eyelashes are less realistic as well, they’re a little too long and thick unless they’re supposed to be false lashes.

The iris texture is gorgeous, but it might look a little better if you darkened it a little. Also the Iris edge looks better on the inner iris edge than outer. The outer one has a darker, harsher edge it looks like. That could be from the lighting.

I realize these are different characters, so they aren’t supposed to have the same lip shape, but your 2022 model seems to have a flatter mouth with less depth, and the over all shape is less natural I think. Look at the corners of the mouth especially.

Overall the skin texture has less tonal variation, and personally I think it looks better with more. However for a magazine model, she’s about right.

The skin details are well sculpted though, and even if this critique has sounded nitpicky, overall most of your primary and secondary forms are pretty solid. I think mainly once the sclera is fixed, you’ll see a marked improvement.


Hello! And thx mate ! :slight_smile: i Agree totally about the eyes hair and skin, and ye thats why it post it since u get kinda blind :slight_smile: the mouth tho i like more on the new one and claire got a Huge problem with to wide eyes and i do not like the mouth on her at all. :slight_smile:

They eyes are totally rubbish here I Agree , and the hair is basicly the same shader but yes needs more work :slight_smile: but ye i usally have alot of iteration before its good :smiley:

Thx mate Will fix it and come bk. :slight_smile: cheers

Overall the modeling and proportion looks good.

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thx mate !

So i repainted the skin a little bit, got a litte overboard in some places but definitly more to do , but i think its on the right track, redid the eyes even tho there is more to do, its getting there.

Make a quick redo of the hair, ofc more to do but it was fast and like the overall hair style so just refine i guess.

think she looks alittle more “real” but ye my eyes are getting sleepy so i might not look like I think it look in the morning :slight_smile:

always open for thoughts and what u all think

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Hello all, So redid some things, redid the mouth, added some very subtle a symmetry, maybe to subtle ? hmm …

oh well, worked on the hair and skin some more, I have a sharp line from the head to the neck with color, but its only bcs i havent had time yet to do the body properly. I think its comming together.

but ye this is only a stiff pose atm , so will rig her and sculpt some different emotionens so that i can bring them in as shapekeys.

input as usuall is very welcome or if u think its going in the right way etc … cheers ! :slight_smile:


Nice update! She’s looking much better.

My main critique would be that she looks a little starey - I think it’s because the whites in her eyes are too white.

But hair, lighting etc all make a huge difference. Nice work, as always! :smiley:

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Hello Magnavis! Happy new year ! :slight_smile: and thx , I agree the eyes needs some more love, i was trying to be Careful with how much red vains i wanted to go Throw since they eyes where blood red but ye Went a little overboard … Will try it fix that ! Cheers

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just made a little update , made they whites in the eyes less white, and I also made the shape of the eyes a bitt narrower, think it did alot, also made her hair a bit thicker.

Next is eyebrowns and eyelashes, and a repaint on the skin agien, and ill will work to make the alpha textures more visable even in this lighting. Ive noticed that with one light from the side so i get the shadows the skin textures really pop otherwise not. so will look into that. cheers


here is an update, and a close up, sculpted some more details under they eys, and fixed texture overall, tho ive noticed that the sss im using the one with fixed radius, is messing upp the visability of the texture when the light is directly on… have to figure out how to handle that.

ye i think i got , skin paint , eyelashes and eyebrowns left, then im done with her face i think. :slight_smile: oh, and I have forgetten about her facial hairs aswell ofc.

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Really nice!

Only thing I’d point out - and it might just be me - but it seems like the tear-ducts and edge of the eyelids are a little pale? They seem to stand out a bit too much for me. Perhaps a little redder. But again, it might just be me.

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Ye, good catch, actually have that on my to do list when im gonna repaint/ add the skin with more details and imperfections. :slight_smile: thx for the feedback :slight_smile:

so I think its superclose to be done. Im gonna do the eyelashes, and then i tihnk she is done on her face. If there isent something u all see thats wrong ofc.

ive worked alot one a symmetry, and i tried to really study how the skin works and looks and hand painted it in zbrush, polypaint, unfortunalty i have injured my wrist so cant use the tablet so this entire project is sculpted and handpainted with the mouse … but it think its comming out nicly anyways. off to bed… cheers

feedback as usually is greatly welcomed.


Just finished it here :slight_smile: