2025 dune buggy

I started making a dune buggy, at the beginning it was supposed to be and F1 thing for the contest, but i figured i’d run out of time…how much time is left for it anyway? anyway… i dont have the “shell” on yet…haven’t made it yet cause i don’t know what i want to put on it…soo just give m ideas and feed back thanks :slight_smile: enjoy!


That’s a nice sturdy piece of equipment - I’m sure you will find ideas coming at you in you many directions, you will have a selection to choose from.

All the best for the contest!

this is probably gonna end up being one excellent piece of mechanical modeling when it’s done.

yay!, thanks for the comments :slight_smile: i didn’t do much cause i was doing stuff yeterday…and in about 8 minutes i gotta get my bus to school…but i’ll definatly work on it when i get home

I see springs, but not how the suspension pivots.

@klaatuteela: heres a picture demonstrating the thing you mentioned…or at least i hope…tell me if you mean #1 or #2 in the picture…i think you mean #2…if its not this then…


random update type thing…kinda made an engine…and to the far right you can see the newer suspension rotator and little oil meter :slight_smile: comment please :smiley:


I found this photo, and circled the spots where the suspension pivots. The red circles are the mountings to the frame where the pivots occur, the blue circles where the suspension links meet the piece that carries the wheel, axle, and other important bits. Perhaps I’m not looking in the right place, but I don’t see pivot points on your buggy.

Not trying to bust your chops here. I like the buggy, and maybe you have a concept that I just can’t put together in my head. I’m used to seeing dune buggies with obvious suspension with lots of travel to handle the bumps and jumps offroad.


And this link shows a pretty good view of a dune buggy with suspension.


Hope this helps.

Ahh kk i got it now…didnt even realize that haha, that buggys pretty ugly though XD…but that doesn’t make a difference…will work on it now :slight_smile: thanks

This is my concept solution…rather than redoing the WHOLE suspension thing…probably will add more pivot poitns…have more to do…definatly…


never mind about that concept…im going to have to redo everything…soo ill post tomorrow some time…

Wait…(sorry for all the posts) i found a way that sadly is one of the best ideas i’ve ever come up with. look at the picture. the ball in the middle is connected to everything…the fornt part that you can see is disconnected form the chassis(shown by green) therefore leaving the front free to move at will.

brown= the lines that will be connected to the chassis for a suspension to actually do something…(these will have to at least look sturdy)

so as long as all the rotation points of the front part are where the ball is… it should be fairly simple for it to move in any direction…(besides the extremes of like 320º)
yellow= the bars that connect to the front and the ball…
red= these will be holding the ball to the chassis…will encircle nearly the whole ball so it doesn’t fall out…basically like a socket…umm if im not clear i’ll try to re-explain :slight_smile:

would this even work???


A lot of your suspension frame looks really thin and weak, it looks like it would just snap if it encountered a rock. I would thicken up some of the armatures, on the plus side, then you can add more details to it. :slight_smile:

I was thinking…not to be rude…but since its 2025…i would think that the metal would be a better aloy and stuff? no?

I think you could assume that, or just say it’s made out of “unobtainium”. :slight_smile:

One thing to maybe keep in mind, in suspension design they try to reduce “unsprung weight”, that’s the parts of the suspension that aren’t actually carried by the suspension. Lighter suspension components react faster to bumps giving a better ride and more effective suspension. I can’t really crit your “ball” idea because I haven’t been able to visualize just how it works, sorry. It’s been a long weekend entirely too full of family events involving alcohol…

heres a vid to help…lol @ “unobtainium”

I would not worry so much about things that will not be seen. To me 3d is about faking it, who cares if the tire rotates or how it is sprung, as long as the tires bounce and turn on que? If it is a still picture you are after it matters even less.

Thanks NOOBIE you’ve got a good point…but sometimes i find abit of sensibility makes it look more…real…you are right though. I’ll be updating soon. :slight_smile:

OK, yeah, the vid helped. The problem that this will have is that the left and right sides can’t move independently, so they can’t react independently to bumps and stuff. Also a lot of unsprung weight.

But it sure looks cool.