203mm B-4 Howitzer M1931


This is my wip for this amazing weapon.

Got these blueprints from the-blueprints.com. The side and front views don’t match up so well so I am using the side and top view as my basis. With some other reference images and even found a walk around video :slight_smile: which will help a lot with getting a feel for the Howitzer and be able to catch any small details.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7Y9w-rUPzc link to the walkaround video


Done with my basic shapes and blocking out. Now on to adding some detail to the model. I started with the barrel and anything attached to it and will work my way on from there.



sorry for taking long could only work on it a bit per day.

I have now completed all the bits and pieces connected to and is associated to the barrel.

The challenge was mostly the find where the pieces go and what they look like.


Nicely done. Looks like it’ll be a detailed model. I like this a lot! Looks like you could add an Edge Split modifier and set your shading to smooth for cleaner visuals. Maybe you already know that, but just thought I would suggest it. :slight_smile:

Anyway, looking forward to more progress. Looking good!

@theAngelRoldan Thank you :slight_smile: yeah I am going for full detail. Planning on selling this on turbosquid when it is completed. I probably should have added those for presentation, but didn’t see the need just yet. Next pic I post will look a lot better :slight_smile:

Took me some time to complete the back of the frame(most of it was research lol) but I am happy with the level of detail and the accuracy of the details.

I will do some retopology on some of the pieces, but for now it will do.

Next is the smaller side frame with the chairs and all the mechanisms :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

The side frame as I call it lol is done. All the mechanisms are added. I still have to add all the nuts and bolts to really make it look legit, but that and the wires on the winches will come last.

Next order of business is the shoes of this beast. Looking forward to getting those done, lots of small details. Feels like putting in the last piece of the puzzle :slight_smile:


awesome work so cant wait to see the finished model

@flobz Thanks :slight_smile:

Beautiful detailing.

This is looking great. I’d really like to see it rigged and animated. Good job

@FrobeniuS.Edge Thank you :). I am not really into animating I prefer stills

Hi Everyone,

I have finally completed the tracks/shoes of this Howitzer and went about finishing all the small details that needed attention like the bolts, cables and some Retopo.

Now it is time to start bringing it to life with textures :slight_smile:


Hi everyone

Sadly have not had much time since my last post, but finally have some time now.

Will start the texturing and rendering tomorrow but for now here is an AO pass preview.


I have been looking forward to seeing this rendered out so all of the detail can be seen. Looks awesome. You’re doing great.

That’s bloody amazing, can’t wait to see it featured in my movie XD
How long did that AO pass take?

@Frobenius.Edge Thanks :slight_smile: hopefully bye tomorrow it will be complete :).

@Robert Banks Thank you I am not to sure how long lol I forgot to check but couldnt have been more than an hour. It might not look it but no sub surfs were on the model at the time of render :slight_smile:

Impressive work, well done! Do you intend to build a little bit of sag into the tracks?

^Yeah the one thing I don’t like is the perfectly oval treads.
Note how treads usually look:

but I’m sure you could fix that if you didn’t like it.

@Gmanx Thank you:) to be honest I didn’t actually pay attention to the sag thanks for pointing it out. I am all for realism so I will def take a look at some more reference and get some accurate sag :).

@Robert Banks Oval how? The actual shape of the treads or the treads individual pieces? Cause if you are talking about the the overall shape that is how the original Howitzer is. Plus the sag that I will add