206 rallye

Hey ,

This is my latest work , rendered with Yafaray ( pathtracing , 15 hours ) .


HD render :



HD render :


HD render :

http://nsa14.casimages.com/img/2010/05/29/mini_100529114938951831.png http://nsa14.casimages.com/img/2010/05/28/mini_100528025622215437.png

very nice modeling, and a very good render, but:

  1. the tires are too shiny
  2. it’s really boring :wink:
  3. there is waaaay too much chromatic aberration for a studio render

1 not too much, just a lil.
2 no its not!
3 too much chromatic aberration, indeed.

very nice!

15 hours is ridiculous, you should find a Yafray tutorial, I could do something like that in like 5 minutes.

OMG/ pretty cool

one of the best cars iv seen!
i must know you light setup?

Well done! really nice pic.

I agree with Spacetug about the shiny tires and chromatic aberration, although not boring at all. The tires seem to tend to plastic. Maybe less reflection and more blured?.

It’s a great model. Would be nice to see a version without decals, to see better the shapes of the car without any distraction.

But congrats, look really good!

Nice rendering, not quite like a studio render lighting, it looks like HDR effect only~ so why not combine it into some HDR background?
The tires feel good, the chromatic covered most of details but it make sense for this car~

to rvngizswt:
15 hours is ridiculous? I don’t think so for Yafray~ and you said you can do it in 5mins? What tips can improve so much on the time issue in this case? Looking forward your feedback~ :slight_smile:

that’s a sexy render Gabich, can you explain a bit how you did it? car paint material, path tracer settings, lighting setup, etc

Sure, you can do something similar in 5 minutes. But the image quality would be awful and far from something useful. The image is virtually noisefree - and that takes quite some while. 15 hours seem a bit long but totally worth it.

Excellent rendering. I like the studio setup and the model itself makes it really interesting. The aberration was mentioned already - but you never know where to stop with such subtle effects, I know the problem very well :wink:

@rvngizswt I have seen your work and when you get something that even comes close to the beauty of this stunning model then you can gripe about render times.

As for this model Awesome job! The modeling and render are quite good. I would love to see it flying around a dirt track!!

Very nice render.

But the long rendering hour will make such an effort (with Yafaray) commercially unviable.

really impressie work!

Blimey that must have been quite a bit of work. Really nice details!

@rvngizswt perharps you are the one that needs the lesson, pathtracing is a brute force rendering method that is unbiased. put simply it takes long.

@simpo no yafaray is fine, pathtracing in any renderer is going to take long, he could have used photon mapping or direct lighting to get a faster render out. Like rvngizswt you need to read up on rendering pathtracing is I repeat unbiased and brute force use it in any renderer and it will take long.

to the OP nice car dude I would love a peak at some of your material settings because that looks super.

Outstanding model!
But the chromatic aberration is a pain in the ass!
Photographers spend a lot of money to buy lenses that DON’T have chromatic aberration. Why do 3D Artists think it’s good to have it then? :frowning:

Because adding a very small amount can get rid of the “CG perfection” that people try so hard to avoid. But in the case of a studio shot like this, indeed there would probably be no noticeable aberration. I say get rid of it!

Thanks for comments ! I add two new renders in my first post .

Spacetug : Only 0.02 for lens distortion with blender’s compositing , i don’t think is too much :wink: .

rvngizswt : c’est celaaaaa oui .

congcong009 : Yes i will made another render with HDR background ( and a new car paint ) .

This is the settings , lighting , wires and material of carpaint :

material :

settings and ligthting :

and wires:

excellent :slight_smile:

I can’t believe I didnt see this before. Its really amazing! Great work. No crit :slight_smile: