20th Century BMDesigns?

Created this animation for a friend. His forum (which needs more people) is at http://bmdesigns2.tripod.com with the main focus at the forum

Anyways, big file. (20 second animation with music and medium quality video and I can’t remember if I used divx on it so if it isn’t working that could be why)

you’ll see why it is called 20th Century BMDesigns when you watch.


hehey, that was great! I love the style. though i think you could make it a lot better though.

  1. Put a plane with an image behind the camera so you get nice reflections. Actually, usually four planes set up in a grid works nicely.

  2. Though volumetric lighting could use higher quality.

  3. at the end of the animation i think the lights should slow to a stop.

keep Blending!