20th century fox logo? problem with lights?

Hello everybody, so ive rendered out my version of 20th Century Fox logo, but i got a problem, the light is flickering in the rendering?! can anyone please help me?

Live stream - http://files.filefront.com/JackLogomov/;8004003;/fileinfo.html

Blend file - http://files.filefront.com/Fox+logoblend/;8444916;/fileinfo.html


offhand I’d say you have flipping normals. For that base object, enable No Flip Normals.

doesn’t look like a normals problem… check if maybe you’ve got a duplicate overlapping

This is Blazer’s .blend. He suggested the fix in a thread on AVSForum:

“Ok, so while I was gone my hosting went down (which I’m sure many of you noticed). I have fixed the file. After a couple hours of testing the lights to try to figure out what was causeing the flickering, I figured out it wasn’t the lights, but the fact that I forgot to turn on auto smooth on some of the objects. It is now turned on, and rendered out the file without any flickers. If the person that is hosting the FOX, Universal and Disney files wants to replace the FOX file with my new one, that would be great and I will go back into my original post and edit the links. Give me your email and I will email it you.”

I also tried to render this out in Blender 2.45 but it seems to have some nasty render errors like flickering in the shadows and in some parts of the square meshes.

I’ve tried to do some repairs as explained by the following treds on the AVS forum.

Nothing made it go away completely though… :frowning:

There was also mention that one should downgrade to 2.37a to get this scene to render out without any unwanted artifacts… :frowning:

Can anyone try this scene to render out as it should in blender 2.45 ?


thats awesome! it looks as good as the 21th centure fox one, but you might want to get some gloss.