20th Century Iconic Songs Medley

Hi there,

Sharing our latest music video with 3D model/animation … this time a number scenes/stages build for this video.

  1. Thriller intro : A walk through Cemetry
  2. Thriller : Classic Silent of the Hill hospital and a graveyard stage
  • uses Geometry Lightning background; blinking lamp lights, mist with volume setup … and some other lightings
  1. Rock&Roll: A quiet morning downtown square with slow car passing in background and a car showroom in downtown.
  • uses car animation setup, follow curve path animation …
  1. Gangnam Style: A mini city toll gate/high way with “fast cars” speeding by and a simple night street with mass dancers
  • uses car animation, force fields with particle systems for fast car emission/looping, grid with particle system for mass dancing …

Hope you enjoy this … no tutorial made yet.

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Great work, congrats.

Thank You … glad you like it.

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