20th Century nox.


This is my first ‘‘project’’ which I am posting online, and I am still working on it; thus I post it in "Work in Progress " :rolleyes:

The idea is, that it’s basicly a spoof animation of the 20th Century Fox logo, only with NOX instead of Fox. Anyway, it’s for a school project, and I am hoping it will rock :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I need a background/drop, as I am running out of spare time on which to work with this project, and I was wondering whether anyone knew where I might get something? It should rather look good, but hasn’t got to match the real Fox animation at all. At the minute I have these crappy mountains, but I need something better, cause they really are ugly… :o

If anyone knows where, please tell me, or if you can make me some, please do. I can pay nothing in return, I am afraid… Also, you may comment all you like! :slight_smile:
A test render has been attached, and you can see an early render of the animation here:
Yes, I know there is that flickering thing, but I fixed it :smiley:


PS, does anyone know how I might turn off the light emitting from the V, and make it come from a _/ instead? If you look at the image, the spot at the way right has to start at a V, so it will look right when coming from the “lamp model”, which makes it look bad,… Thanks!