20th Century Sheep - short animation

Hi Everyone.

Me + my friends make tons of movies together (mostly with a video camera, but some in blender), and so here’s our kind of ‘company logo’ thing that I made some time last year or something. It’s nothing amazing, but I thought I’d post it here anyway.

The ‘Channel Stupid’ is basically our sub-name - It makes no sense I know, but it’s just for fun.

I was pleased with the way it turned out, and tried to make it similar to the 20th Century Fox intro.

What do you think?
20th Century Sheep animation

Cheers Cuby.

Nothing to say at all??? I’ve left it for more than a day now so I thought I’d mention the fact that there is a new thread here.


hahahahahahah,LMAO!this is soooooooo funny man.Especially the baaaaaaaaaaaa part at the end.LOL!great work mayn!5 stars in comic from me.I wish channel stupid was real.Or is it.:rolleyes:

Ha, cant believe I missed this one! Great job, except that when you zoom out, there isnt enough of a set.
I like tha ‘baa’ at the end tho
nice work man
EDIT crap, beaten to it…

Thanks. Yeah, there deffinately wasn’t enough of a set when it zoomed out but ah well. Maybe I could re-do it some time.

& no, Channel Stupid is not real, unfortunately.

ah man…I wanted channel stupid :wink:

But there is a whole range of movies made by Channel Stupid. My friends and I resently burned a few DVDs, based on “the best of Channel Stupid”. Basically we themed it on the idea that Channel Stupid is a TV channel, and we were putting together all the best programs off it. Ah well, it was good fun. And were still adding more movies to it (16 good movies so far, 3 in the making, + 3 movies that failed misserably!)

Keep the comments coming…

Nice!Though I guess it wasnt a blender project? It would be fun to see what you came up with!

No, only a few were created in blender, but there’s more coming.

hmm, you should think about posting the blender ones here…

Nice Cuby. Same criticism; not enough background. And same compliment, I love the baa at the end. Also, I think the brown base that the 20th Century Sheep stands on could be replaced with a building or something. A 1980 city. It would suit the lights.
Also, it’s now the twenty-first century, not that it matters. Just go back in time whenever you make a movie!

I think it’s a parody of 20th century fox, a film corporation.

Yep. How did you guess???

Thanks Nitronic755

Ok, so if I went back and re-worked the background, what should there be?


It’s nice but the way “Channel Stupid” appears on screen is way too cheap compared to the rest of if.
You should give it a more professionnal look to it (take inspiration on tv jingles). Because it’s well made in overall, it’s a pity this text display is not better.

Please don’t take it for an attack, it’s just I’d like it to be as good as possible. :slight_smile:
Be well

Thanks for that reywillow. Yeah, the text does look cheap. I think because of the feedback here I deffinately will redo this animation.

Any ideas on back ground?

Just a simple city, boxy even. It just has to be there :slight_smile:

lol, very funny. only crit apart from ones mentioned is that font used for teh century and sheep. it bugs me for soem reason. perhaps it not quite the same as the real font, but close enough that it bugs me? dunno. anyway, would like to see those other films of yours, even if they whern’t made in blender.


free_ality: Yeah, that’s probably what I’ll do.

Shamen: Don’t quite get what you mean about the font, but I did notice that I forgot to Smooth the ‘C’ in Century. Oops. I’ll have to fix that up in the re-make.

About the movies, I don’t think the actors would want to be put up on the web, so I can’t do that for the majority, however, I do have one movie that has bits from blender put into it (like lightsabres) and I think the actor wouldn’t mind, but I’ll have to check with him.
So check the Finnished Projects again, in a few days and I may have posted that other movie. No garuntee though.


I diddn’t realy know waht i was meaning about the font either, it jsut diddn’t look right to me. But, i believe i have found the problem. The letters in century are to thin, and are squashed. In the actualy one, they are fatter, and proper dimensions. it is the fox(so sheep) that is squashed. When compaired to hte mental image of the proper one, this is what i think bugs me. Anyway, thats jsut my assesment :).


Funny. Same crits on the lack of a set, but you can fix that rather quickly. Lots of filler can be added with generic buildings, defining a fixed texture space and then cloning and scaling them around.

Also, about the Channel Stupid (I would ask my cable operator for it, too!) thing. How about making it into a second title sequence on its own, instead of having the two merged? In most films, you see, say, the 20th logo sequence, then Bruckheimer’s, zooming road and lighting on the tree, then the Mandalay tiger.