$20USD to Colour Grade 7 Shots

I’m looking for a color grader/corrector.

I’ve compressed the project down to sample frames, and would like someone to go through and grade each shot, save grade as stills. Once the condensed project is exported and sent to me, I can apply the grade to the full version.

I know it is possible to grade within Blender, but I tend to use DaVinci Resolve for video, and so would be looking for the work done in Resolve. (If someone can explain simple way to grade BlackMagic AVI files in Blender, I’d be interested)

The compressed project can be downloaded here: http://we.tl/YJUHOE3HF9

The video is a comedy video about annoying things that travellers say. There is no specific requirement as to the final look – just that it looks cool and the shots consistent with each other.

As the grading will be from limited frames, it won’t be possible to do any adjustments that involves tracking.

If you are interested, please email me at [email protected] (portfolio/showreel would be good:)

came here to post this :smiley: smile. 20 usd for 7 shots. It’s like a shot for 2.85… cmon man…


And that’s not even the hourly rate…

Senornz, you’d probably have better luck having people do it for free than for $20. I’m not super familiar with grading rates, but my guess is that 1 video would cost at least $20, and probably something closer to $40+ depending on the quality of the work and experience of the grader.

Take a look at the rates of pay for colour graders/correctionists here - https://jobs.creativecow.net/color-correction

It will give you an idea of what the pay rate should be. even the hourly rates are more than $20

Hey, I tried to download the compressed project but the link is broken

download file is broker