210 King Street

These are some high res stills from my latest demo video showing a point cloud dataset of a 3d scan of the 210 King Street in Toronto.

Ctrl+click to see in 4k.

I’m glad to see you decided to upload your work here! I like the decision to use particles to render the point cloud data. I’m assuming this was necessary; does Blender allow for rendering of point clouds at all?

As I mentioned before, very cool style to the animation, and the music aids it well. The particles remind me of soda foam; with some characters running around, this could very well be a Coca-Cola ad! Great job, Kai!

Thank you! There is currently no way of rendering point clouds without the help of geometry instancing or a particle system. But when you want shadows like in my case then I see no way around using geometry anyway.

I’d like to see the possibility of rendering colored point clouds in the future but this is indeed very hard to accomplish for now, since there is no way to store vertex colors in a mesh without faces.

This looks messy, unfinished, … but some how i like it. Good work Man :slight_smile:

Have you ever used MeshLab? It is FOSS, and allows for multiple methods of surface reconstruction of point cloud data. Although this method you’ve presented here is very cool and interesting, I know there are other times when polygons are useful.

Awesome! Which software are you using to create the point cloud?
Btw, as James Candy said, you should try the Poisson reconstruction of MeshLab which is efficient.

Yeah, I’m using MeshLab a lot. But it’s a pretty dirty pointcloud as you can see in this visualization. Without cleaning a mesh reconstruction would only produce a lot of wrong geometry. I didn’t want to invest days to clean it either, so I decided to keep it as is and to try a different visual style including all the artifacts. Surface reconstruction of such large and complex (multiple surfaces) meshes isn’t easy anyway, I doubt that Poisson would work out well in this case.

If you mean the data, I didn’t create it I only made it visible in Blender. It’s available here.

Not true. Use Halo material with Blender internal. You can use textures for shading with Halo.
Your lobby rendered, 755047 vertices, rendertime 5.5sec.


You’re right, I should clearify that I meant only with Cycles. You won’t have any shadows when using halos in BI though, so it will quickly become messy.