2150's Romulan Bird of Prey

This is loosely based of a designI saw and figured that it would, with some modification, make interesting looking Bird of Prey.

What direction do you think I should take it in?


Hey that is pretty impressive for something low poly. Once you start to texture/material it, I think it’s going to turn out awesome!

Thank you for your kind words, here’s an updated version. Any changes I should make?


A few… and not just on your design.

  • Your renders look a little amateur - this can be attributed to the background colour and the standard material on the ship. A minor detail, but can make or break a wip render.
  • The ship, to me, looks like it’s going to suffer from a lot of drag while in the atmosphere due to it’s non-streamlined shape. I would sweep it back a bit, but it’s up to you.
  • More details would be good - I’m sure they’re on the to do list.
  • Don’t forget to bevel edges to add realism, things always have a form of bevel in real life.

If you want an awesome looking render find Kroni’s Audi R8 thread. He posted a really good lighting, AO and nodes setup there which I’m sure you could use.

On a positive note, it’s good to see you’ve got everything smoothed correctly and a nice clean render free of accidentally smoothed edges and normal errors. Well done so far.

  1. Well it isn’t the final version. I have yet to decide on what the texturing should look like. I suppose it would look better with a more metallic sheen.

  2. It’s intended to travel in space, so drag isn’t really an issue (except when moving through a super-dense nebula).

  3. Adding more details is a good idea, I just need to figure out where to put them.

  4. Now that you mention it, I probably should add bevel edges.

Thanks for your advice.

Okay, I’ve beveled the edges and added some more details. How does it look now?