22 year old guy having sex with a 16 year old girl

Hi. Long time reader, first time poster.

I found this in a fitness forum.

A guy, 22, wants to have sex with a girl who’s 16. I’m the dad of a 1 year old daughter. I am worried about her enough as it is, but I cant think of how much I’d worry about this if this was my daughter. I’m angry about this guy doing this, am I right to be angry? What would you do if your daughter was in this situation?

(to make things equal, you can read the 22 year old guys side on his blog, LINK DELETED )

Why on Earth is this the first thing you’re posting?!

I, as sixteen year old boy, would have sex with a 22 year old woman.


Wow this is one of the most random threads ever.

I am going to have to ask the same thing as PlantPerson.

If it’s legal than it’s fine, quit complaining.

I’m guessing it is spam to get people to visit the blog post for advertising hits… It is a fairly common tactic.


just confirmed it is spam via a search on

“to make things equal, you can read the 22 year old guys side on his blog”


1.) She is not your daughter
2.) You have no idea what her parents think
3.) If it was an illegal act then the authorities (such as they are) should be notified
4.) Talk to your daughter when she is old enough to understand such things
5.) Try not to stand in the way of love
6.) If this scenario upsets you, make sure that you are never in the same position
7.) Very strange first post, I hope that this is not just spam

Good thinking, thanks. Goodbye, thread. It’s been nice knowing you.