228c ???

couldn’t find any changes documented as to 228c?

anybody got a clue?

what did you do to check out 2.28c then?

if I were you, find either someone who made a compile, and in that archive you will find a release note for just 2.28c :slight_smile: …or go to this thread:


::sowwy, sowwy, sowwy, don’t be so touchy. got my zipper set not to extract txt’s (and some other types as well) OK - I admit, I screwed up and didn’t extract readme’s and such and couldn’t find info on the .org site. I promise I won’t do it again when checking new versions. My sincere appologies to all who were mislead by my post, I won’t mislead in the future either. Haug.

Anyway, there’s a little funny thingie:
_namely,tooltips for radio (mat window) and envmap (render window) are displaying information different than someone would expect them to do. (on windows). It may be fault from crew at macroshaft or - then again - It may be fault from guys who compiled the new blender version.

I don’t know, but that’s a philosophical question and should be considered in such context.