231 put object to a new layer

the old way(not too old way, it’s probably 230, I am not sure.)
I remember I’ve been moving object to the other layer by selecting it,
hit m, 2, 2 so that I could quickly move to a new place to focus on a new issue, (here’s: you are working on layer one for a while, you want take one of the object to layer 2, you select it, m-2-2, very fast, you are there.)

with 231, you do: select m-2-‘Ok’-2, a bit slower to me. Is there a reason to change?

It used to be m-2-enter to move to layer 2; I believe it got changed accidentally at some point. m-2 is faster than m-2-enter, but not if you hit 3 by mistake. Then you have to go to layer 3, hunt down your object (this gets really fun it it’s some little curve that you’re using for a pipe or rope) and bring it back to layer 2. Overall, m-2-enter ends up being faster and less annoying. You can go m-3(by mistake), then hit 2, and enter, and everything ends up fine and dandy.

Well, that’s my long winded answer.

And without the Enter confirmation, you cannot move to multiple layers.


I do miss the Layer buttons in the Edit buttons window though… it was easy to tell which layer the object was assigned to. Maybe I am just overlooking them??

It’s in the Object buttons now (F7).


You can move to multiple layers? :o

Wow, I learn something new every day!