23rd Century - Sci-fi saga wants to work with Blender Artists

Based upon a novel by Carroll Grabham, 23C is a kaleidoscope of super VR magic called Hyperreality, a future writ large where society has become a parody of itself.

It also exists as an audio narrative, with the project enlisting talent from all over the world and we pride ourselves on inclusion of disability and access to all.

Set to work out as over 6 hours broken into episodes, the first podcasts can be heard at PodPlay.org

This is headed up by an award winning film producer with 4 feature films and a screenwriting senior lecturer. It is a leviathan of a project, but participants will get career defining opportunities and the chance to take part in an immersive new science fiction universe.

Dip your toe and see what happens.

Good day. I’m interested in hearing more about the project. My best work is in props and hard modelling.

Thanks for getting in touch, Mike.

We are exploring ways to animate a soundscape that you kind find here: www.podplay.org in the form of short podcast episodes.

It would be great to hook up with character modellers and riggers for a highly stylised animation series, initially to build a short animation for the first episode and then look at the possibilities for a longer narrative.

If you are interested in doing a simple trial for this project based upon the opening, let me know and we’ll organise it.

All best,