24 fps ---> 30 fps

Hey everyone, I have two questions:

First, how do I change the vertical scale in the IPO editor, without changing the horizontal scale?

Secondly, I have an animation that plays out correctly at 24 frames per second, but I have to render out at 30 frames per second. I’ve been stretching my keyframes out to approximate this, but haven’t gotten very close. I’ve heard about time keys? Is there a fixed way to use these to keep the final time the same? Any suggestions will be helpful.

Thanks a bunch!


Yeah… I would like to know this also.

make all of your objects (that are not already children of other objects) child of an empty in a layer you don’t look at much with a time ipo connecting (1, 1) to (30, 24) having vector handles and setting the extend mode to extrapolation?

but I haven’t done that before, so I don’t know

and… if the oops window had a good way to organize nodes it would be easy to find these objects

Brilliant!! I’m rendering out the animation now-- in an hour I’ll tell you how it came out.

Until then, can you tell me how to change the vertical scale in that window? Everything is scrunched down, which makes it really hard for me to manually tweak my keyframes. :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch!


I first thought you meant vertical scaling of the ipo curves

unlike the 3d window, the ipo window (and some other types, like the sound window) will allow you to scale on each axis individually

so, control+mmb and moving the mouse right will scale horizontally up, left will scale horizontally down

also, control+mmb and moving the mouse up will scale vertically up, down will scale vertically down

it is a bit confusing to do both at once, but it can be done.
(it feels odd when scaling down horizontally and up vertically)

It’s much easier to use Map Old - Map New instead of a Time IPO in this case.
This sets how much frame (Map Old) are played in a given interval (Map New).


z3r0 d, thanks for all your help. For some reason, the time keyframes applied to the empty did not noticeably affect the render. Both my camera and all my objects were parented to it… It’s probably something I did wrong. As for the scaling in the window-- works perfectly, very helpful, thanks. :slight_smile:

I’m gonna try Martin’s method (which is also brilliant), and see how that goes.


Ok, theeth, it works perfectly! Thanks so much, all of ye!