24 Frames to 30: But keep original speed of animation??

So I have myself in somewhat of a jam…

I have an animation all made up nice and pretty at 24 fps, but I just got word that it now needs to be at 30fps…so I would prefer not to have to go in and manually change all my keyframes to keep the original animation speed. So if there a way to tell Blender to scale all the Keyframes at once, so that the original animation speed is kept when changed to 30fps??

Taken from the manual:
Your case is the opposite to the example below.

Changing video frame rates

You can use the speed control to change the frames per second (fps), or framerate, of a video. If you are rendering your video to a sequence set, you can effectively increase or decrease the number of individual image files created, by using a Global Speed value less than or greater than one, respectively. For example, if you captured a five-minute video at 30 fps and wanted to transfer that to film, which runs at 24 fps, you would enter a Global Speed of 30/24, or 1.25 (and Enable Frame Blending to give that film blur feel). Instead of producing 56030=9000 frames, Blender would produce 9000/1.25=7200=56024 frames. In this case, you set a Sta:1 and End:7200, set your Format output to Jpeg, 30fps, and image files 0001.jpg through 7200.jpg would be rendered out, but those images ‘cover’ the entire 9000 frames. The image file 7200.jpg is the same a frame 9000. When you read those images back into your film .blend at 24 fps, the strip will last exactly 5 minutes.

If you want to change the framerate before rendering, you could set the new framerate and use the “Map Old - Map New” setting in the AnimButtonsPanel. (The button between the SequemceEditor and the Soundblocks - Button).
In your case this would mean you set 100 old frames to become 125 new frames.
This way the whole Animation will keep its speed.


Nice find Patel!

Map Old, Map New

This button can be used to modify the internal time calculation. “Map Old” gives the previous value in frames; “Map New” specifies the number of frames that must be rendered. Only the mutual relations between these values are important. Use this only to speed up or slow down the entire animation system. The absolute value ‘frame’ now becomes relative, which can be quite confusing if the animation must still be modified.

Yes, rarely somebody stumbles across this “lonesome Panel”.
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