242a cannot find Python on start

I have Python installed in it’s own directory (c:\python25), and whenever starting
Blender 2.42a, I get an error msg stating it cannot find Python or is not installed
and some scripts will not run etc. How do I point Blender to Python executable,
or do I need to, to fix this?
Pixalhead :confused:

You need Python 2.4


Thanks. I uninstalled 25, and installed v244. Also, in the User Guide, Chapter 26, it states
that you need to point the OS to Python via a System Variable. I did that and now Blender
recognizes Python installation. I wonder if I can install v25, but keep the System Variable
still as ‘Python24’ in the PYTHONPATH, even though it points to Python25 in that directort?

You can install multiple versions of Python and Blender should ‘find’ 2.4. (proof is the fact that it ignores the path you set to 2.5).