25 new free Chocofur models under CC0 license

Hey everyone!

Another update from Chocofur. Today we’ve released 25 new free models and changed our licensing for all free products to CC0. It means you can copy, modify, distribute, even for commercial purposes all our freely available 3D models and scenes.

The CC0 license also applies to our free shaders and textures. So far there are 85 CC0 models and over 200 shaders we’ve deicded to share with Blender community. Keep calm and use it with Blender :slight_smile:

To browse the free files I recommend using the following link:

To download, please log in/register at chocofur.com and use the embeded file browser:

Happy Blending!

lechu, very generous!!!

Thank you very much!

Woow :eek:
Lechu, you keep on being great and generous person.
Thank you for everything and for supporting Corona dev.
Truly amazing.

What is CC0 license?

Short version: Public domain

Thanks for sharing this great resource!

Thanks Lechu for your generosity.