27 minute tank game

I was messing with something I made to demo something else, and here is a game, in 27 minutes, now it just needs either Ai’s or a multiplier socket and some weapon changes


TankGameDemo.blend (674 KB)

Update:|: AddEd somE guns and camera logic


TankGameDemo (1).blend (674 KB)

Update Added pick up items code

That looks nice.I made a game with ai that has you the player as a robot fighting other robots.The ai is made with all logic bricks.Would you like to try it?I dont know if pastell.org would let me post it though.

Pick up items + missile launcher :slight_smile:


HateNeoTank.blend (1.04 MB)

That looks good to.I like the missle with the exaust.You know what you could do.You could have enemies attack you only while you start collecting the items.

It’s just a test, I was making all the required upgrades etc, and the “pick up” system, score, pause menu etc,
once I have a few of my games going, I can use assets from those games on other games :slight_smile:

Exponential game explosions!

The mouse movement is very screwed up for me when testing this. Is it not done yet? Or is it a problem with different hardware?

yes, as I rigged / made the core in 27 minutes, it could use some love