273 Five Second Animations

This is basicly the highlight of every animation I’ve ever done. Only the last few were made in Blender though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNaXoWJfrYE

I really liked the bouncing ball. I would say that was the best. Keep working! I’d love to see a longer animation of something like that.

love it! And I love that song too even though I don’t know the name of it :smiley:

The song is called Numa Numa. I think it’s japanees.

Yeah! It’s my favorite too. I didn’t even plan to have the ball bounce in sync with the music but it just hapened that way.

I think it’s japanees.

Maybe german XD It has that odd accent that makes it sound german XD

On a totally unrealated note: why aren’t there any sticky threads in this fourm?

Actually it’s croation I think. And definetly not German!!!

nice anim8ions, am I right to think that you’ve used anim8or earlier?
And here is a bit of history concerning the song :stuck_out_tongue:

Your right! Anim8or was the first 3D software I ever used. After that I used a software called True Space 3, but it was buggy. Then I moved on to Blender. Everything in the movie after the TV and before the Ginger Bread man were made in True Space 3. Everything before that was made in Anim8or and everything after in Blender.