28 - Cyberpunk Speeder

I wanted to share with you this project that I did around a year ago. At that time, I started to hear about the 2.80 release so I decided to try Blender again and I have to say that it is a one way ticket. It was a great experience since then!

This was the first big project that I did in order to learn Blender and Substance painter. Previously, I’ve been using max for 10 years though.

It took me about 2 months to complete this project. I decided not to use the kitbash technique for this project in order to bind me to learn the most I could. So basically everything started from a plane :rofl: The inspiration came mainly from a random sketch I did some time ago and references from the cyberpunk genre.

My portfolio

In my Artstation you can find larger images and a little gif of the composition process.

I hope you like it! :slight_smile:


Nicely done. I like the shapes, the details, and most of all, the color pallet of the final render.

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Thank you very much for your kind comment!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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WOOOWWW !!! :partying_face: :partying_face:


Beautiful!! :purple_heart: Glad to hear how you pushed yourself to learn new softwares while making awesome art!

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Beautiful work, and great materials! Just awesome work, very motivational!

Oh, and welcome to the community @fatihsahindesign!

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By the way, I love your eye in general–the page layout and graphic design is nice too. Great grading on the top down shot…love the feel.

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Thank you a lot Bart!!! I really appreciate it! :grinning:

@mak_attakks Thank you very muuuch!! Yes, it is really a big challenge to start learning a new program. Fortunately, the devs of Blender have done an incredible job with the 2.8x versions not only because it is a lot easier to make the switch but also for the constant push and renovation that blender is currently having. I really feel the fresh air!

@veryprofessionaldodo Thank you a looot! I’m really glad you find this motivational.

@Slartibartfast Thank you for the kind comments! I’m glad you liked the lighting mood of the top shot!

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It’s a huge work man! Nice to see people who can do awesome artworks without kitbash :grinning:

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I love all of this, except, well, the final render.

I love the concept, the model, the texturing, the colour palette, all of it, but the final image doesn’t do it justice. My eye can’t settle anywhere, and, without the accompanying work, I would have had no idea what this is.

I know I couldn’t do anything nearly as amazing as this, so I feel bad for such harsh criticism, but I would love to see the final image reworked a bit to better show off the model.


@Nitram_2000 Thank you for your feedback! It is not a harsh comment “wipes tears while drinking a whiskey” :rofl: Just kidding! I agree with you with the final render/s! Both of them are not exactly focused on the speeder. The shots were not structured as automotive renders (which would have been a great idea to better showcase the model) but more like an environment / context lighting exploration. This, however, was done in purpose because I wanted to explore a bit into the lovely fields of the concept / environment art. I wanted with those renders to explore the power of mood lighting, and I’m quite pleased with them, as I believe that it is a good result for that purpose!
Aside from this, the vehicle has quite a lot of details that are difficult to show and are missing in those shots. That is why I decided to make some neutral studio shots to better show them. Otherwise, I would need a lot of renders in context to understand the majority of the shape of it.
I will for sure be doing some new renders of this project! This next time I will try to highlight the figure a bit more!
For now, I recommend you to spy my artstation where I show a bit better (with larger images) the project! :wink:


@MarcelDeneuve Thank you a lot!! Yes, you highlighted something which is a heavy point in this project. Doing everything from scratch takes a lot of effort. I really appreciate that you noticed it!
However, I don’t mean to diminish the kitbash technique. It is an amazing method to achieve results faster!! I’m currently using it with other projects. But yes, starting a new program and kitbash your first project is not a very pedagogic start. I actually, wanted to face this project using kitbash but I realized that I didn’t know how to model anything in Blender :rofl:

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I have plenty of whiskey to share. My criticism, my round of whiskey, lol.

As I said, I love the overall mood and everything, I can’t take anything away from that. It’s all far beyond anything I could do.

I’ll have a look at your artstation for sure.


Thank youuu @fatihsahindesign!! :slight_smile:

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Here you will find a Behind the scenes article of this project ! :slight_smile:

I hope you like it !