A 280zx I worked on over the weekend. I stopped well short of photo-real… maybe I’ll pick it up again sometime? One thing I’m having trouble with is getting the headlight looking right. Any advice for getting a transparent bit of plastic over a reflector?

Hope you enjoy



The paint could use some work, and maybe the ‘place’ the car is in(sky, box thing, garage maybe?) other than that, it is okay.

What no headlight covers, and whats with the wave in the hood. I used to own one that why i say.

I like them more without the headlight covers =) The wave is from the raised bit in the hood… poor angle to show it I guess. Maybe with something else to reflect it’d be more apparent.

You are right about the background Yoshi, I’ll save that for next time. I liked the way the paint turned out though, could you be more specific?

Cleaned up the background and toned down some of the reflections, I think it’s a step up:


ahh that helped it alot. It looked like there was ahuge bump between the raise in the hood and the fender.