28K Seamless maps from scanned data

My texture hunting journey continues! Lately I’ve been pushing myself on getting the best I can, it’s been a long process of trying, making mistakes, learning and being picky, but I have got great results.

28K Seamless maps from scanned data… It’s a 13ft cracked street road. This is the biggest texture I’ve got so far.

Considering it is just a plain with textures, it’s very detailed. Diffuse, normal, specular and displacement maps involved in this beast, and what’s even better, they are all SEAMLESS!!. Nothing more to say, enjoy this beauty.

Stay tuned for more : http://www.facebook.com/theartworkofsebastianzapata/



lol 28k? Looks sharp indeed.

wooooow! amazing stuff!

Yes!! haha Thanks Jools!

Impressive to say the least… what kind of rig/setup do you use to collect or scan? Been wanting to create my own scanned library, but I’m not sure how to do it without having some kind of lightbox with a camera inside.


The more funny is that Yesterday in my garden I was thinking of making a kind of “slit scanner” with a DSLR camera and a motorized ramp to see if it can do the same thing ^^ (like a normal scanner, but perhaps there’ll be a problem for the light to be “omni” and without shade of the sun and so on…)

I’d like to know how you did that :open_mouth:
A photo (or stitched photos) isn’t enough to get this accuracy in bumping (lighter areas aren’t always higher), right?
Did you need some particular equipment to get depth info?

Super sharp! How did you make these textures and normal bumps ?

Hi there, only my DSLR and tripod

Hey warnotte, you can wait for a overcast or cloudy day :slight_smile: or go out shooting when there’s no direct light coming from the sun

“lighter areas aren’t always higher”, right that’s why I scanned it with my DSLR. No special equipement, just DSLR and tripod :smiley:

Hey brus, the displacement is from scanned data, normal bumps and spec from the “old-fashioned” way to get them

So it’s just photogrammetry?
Well, just awesome! :smiley:

Great work, Seb! It’s nice to see the texture on a model. Looking forward to more!

Yes :slight_smile: … Thank you :smiley:

Thank you James, it would not be possible without your help!!

WOW! That’s a lot!! Congratulations!

Thank you!

Looks great. Can you talk about your scanning process a little more? What software, techniques used etc. Any plans to make this available for download/purchase?