2d ---> 3d composition

Hey everyone!

I’ve been told about blender and it’s awesome capabilities so another blender newbie is joining the force. Anyways I have a quick question on functionality as I want to ensure this program can do what I think it can before I spend to much time on it.

I am currently looking for a 2d—>3d renderer,. Essentially I want to load selections of pixels from different slides and extrapolate them to create a full 3d composite. These selections are like cross sections found in a CT scan with a specific general height. That composite can then be rotated etc. Will this toolkit be able to accomplish that? Does anyone also have some example links that will get me on my path?

Thank you very much,
John Perry

sort of. make sure your CAT Scans have an alpha channel, or if not, you can use the luminance key nod to turn the background color to alpha so that they do not show. It will look somewhat like a sliced loaf of bread, but you will be able to blur them together to get an approximation of what the in-between slices would/should look like.

What you would do is to model a series of closely stacked aligned planes. Texture each plane using the image, ensuring to UseAlpha in the texture, and MapTo alpha in the channel, and set the base material alpha to 0 and Ztransp enabled.

I will look into that, is it also possible to automate this process externally via python? I’ve heard the two can be coupled.


yes-see www.python.org and http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Python_Scripting

Once you have it set up, simply loading new images into the textures directory will automatically refresh/change the image from patient to patient.