2D 3D games

hallo people. i dont post here much, but thats good, because that means im doing alright.

i have a problem. ive been wanting to make a 2D game, using whatever i could find, and it has been failure after failure. so i got to thinking, could blender make a game thats 3D with 2D sprites? so thats what im asking. how hard would it be to make a 2D game with 3D terrain? think of diablo 2, but dont think about it like you might. i just want animated sprites, and 3d rooms and crap, nothing complicated… except inventory and messages. oh god, ill need help while im at it.

so people, anyone?

the 2d sprites are just a matter of plains with animated textures (you’d have to use python unless Im missing something) The plains need to be set as bilboard so they always face the camera
Although, unless your making a pure 2d game (flat) then using 3d objects but lighting and shading them to look 2d might be easier.

im thinking 2D objects, and 3D rooms. ive never really messed around with animations in blender, so i have no idea how to go about doing that. does it have a library for 2D images and things?

(As far as I’m aware) Blender has no support at present for animated 2D objects in the game engine. However, faking it isn’t super difficult: you just need to have a UV-mapped plane with all of the frames in and then use Python to modify the UV coordinates so that the plane displays each one in turn. There are some examples floating around this forum of how to do that. Doing a whole game that way might be a bit of a chore, though; it’s not really what the GE is set up for.

2D sprites? Don’t you mean 2D backgrounds and 3D characters?

i meant what i said, 2D characters, 3D environment. think diablo 2, raginork or whatever its called, games with that kind of feel for graphics. i cant model for crap, but i can draw pretty good.

if id have to fiddle my way to 2D in blender, im not sure id want to mess around with it.

If u going for 2D, blender is possible to make it with… but I would go for gamemaker, I think the site is www.gamemaker.nl, if not… google it!
Probably much easier than blender. If you already tried it out and found it too difficult, u need to gain more skills before u even try to make urself a Diablo2-lookalike.

I made a 2d game, click on the UFO link in my sig.

its not that 2D is to difficalte, but if its going to be thrown together, id rather just go 3D entirely.

id rather learn to model then make-shift my way through a game
thanks for the help anyway. ill be posting more in a couple minutes probably.

2.5D always works easily…