2d/3d Platformer

I was trying to make a 2D platformer for my school project, And I have yet to create a character for the game, any ideas? I’d love to hear from you guys.

Here’s some screenshots

by the way, I also created some characters, the thing is, I don’t really have the time to animate them, as this is due next month. can anybody help out? any help would be appreciated.

feel free to ask any questions

your screen shots didn’t show up. explain more what you’re trying to do

I agree with before… I can animate btw…

The letter “I” with arms legs and eyes. Call it the incredible letter. “There is no team in I”. Give him a cape. HA.

It doesn’t show up? oh well,

try this link


I was supposed to have groupmates for this project, But then I found out that they’re quite useless (read: Irresponsible BUMS) I had to get rid of them. My teacher understood so she agreed to remove the others. Problem is, I’m stuck with myself with a crappy computer. So I decided to look for help here (if possible)

It isn’t really quite an achievement as some of the textures are gotten free from the tutorialsforblender3d.com

And as for the “I”, I’m willing to change it to “US” since the teacher agreed that I could ask for help from the internet. (i’ll post your names in the credits section along with the contributions. I’m not that selfish to claim your ‘help’ as my work)

also, about the game, the goal is to carry “chocoball” (that’s the blue balloon in the shots) to the end while trying to avoid being damaged, (if you get hit by any damaging object, you lose grip of the ballon and you have to chase him to get him back again)

note> the white box there is the collision mesh for the character (as I don’t have a fully animated character yet)

I’m also trying to incorporate a puzzle element in the game so you’ll have to think on how to get the balloon first

*anyway, this is one part of the world, other parts have different gameplay elements fixed into them, but I think I can manage the others. I just need help here

this looks quite good

Nice! I’ve been thinking about making somthing like this (A 3D sidescroller locked into the x and y axis) for some time now! I guess you beet me to it!

It looks nice. My only crit is that the graphics looks a little simple but thats probably just because its a WIP.

Good luck!

The Dawisch

it looks simple coz i used texture faces…the computer I was working on can’t handle GLSL graphics or too much polys…(each item in there is made out of less than 300 polys.)