2D 8-BIT Side Scoller Test

Im currently designing a 2D open world side scroller, I dont want to give to much information away because it will be more fun to explore the world yourself :smiley: As a test for 2D physics i threw together a little game i have dubbed “Banana Madness” Its very simple, all you do is go around collecting bananas, its a very simple little game and my finished product will be way different (my finished game wont be 8-bit and you wont be a monkey) but i just wanted to see what i could do in the blender game engine 2d wise. About using the bge for 2d purposes, i know it would make more sense to use other programs, but im familiar with the blender game engine and im too lazy to learn a new program. Anyway, heres a screenshot, and a download, im putting it up because i figure some of the stuff will be useful to someone :slight_smile:

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?l81djtl4j47grph

I think Blender is great for 2d games, i am the same though but am currently learning how to use Python to create standalone games rather than Blender :slight_smile: Looks good so far man, good to see someone else creating 2d games in blender :smiley:

Now only if there was an android port.