2D and 3D Animated Advertisement

This is the first release of an advertisement I made for work. I tried to integrate 2D and 3D artwork (using sprites or billboarding) as I’m a vector illustrator.

A lot of this is 2D, but all created in blender – such a power tool.


Great job! How long did all that take you? What does your job think? Again, bravo!

Very nice work, ksimmons. The only thing I’d recommend is to tweak your product’s mesh. Its apparent that you imported it into blender (lots of tri’s visible) and that you didn’t setsmooth certain surfaces. This shows up a little too much in its specularity.

Also, I’d say this about the overall flow of the clip: it might be better to combine the text scenes with the action scenes which illustrate the various feature blurbs. It kind of has a “this-then-that” / rinse / repeat kind of flow to it. Also, you can speed it up significantly to give it a more lively, energetic feel. If you watch ads these days, they blip thru pretty fast - and the mind is able to catch things amazingly well.

Just some random thots… Keep at it, tho - very nice use of both 3D & 2D (like you say, blender does both well!)

The animation took about a couple weeks (I’m also doing lots of other IT stuff at the company). The whole thing magically came together though in the last two days. I approached each scene separately and then stitched them together in the sequence view. The office was quite pleased with the result (it ended up in stand alone photo frame, on the salesmen’ phones, and was displays and on the web).

In regards to the obvious import/specularity/polygons, I’ve been struggling with that… I may have to just reconstruct parts of the product into smoother planes. I also agree this could be quicker.

Just for reference, the render time of this was roughly 2 hours and was due largely to the antialiasing (otherwise 2D is really quick to render).

Thanks for the feedback!