2d and 3d tracking for blender

One of my interest is AR implemented on web. I stumbled upon this video.

Looks really fast it’s not just able to track it places the trackers in 3d space. this lib seems really powerful, it could prolly perform even better if not running live tracking just tracking imgs sequences.


the license is kinda restricted , but it could be interpetated that you could use this code for blender (not commercial)

but use it to track on your commercial projects ? that gotta be OK or ? Otherwise it would be nice to find something as powerful but a better license.

looks interesting, bit shakey though.
does it link up with blender?

ATM I dont think so, but It can render 3d scenes. so prolly the other way around. it hooks up with blender stuf.

But ! if able to export as a human readable format, it could be used in blender. but it’s also live 3d tracking , in blender something that just tracks video or imagesequence is more benficial

what would you use it for?

Sure you can use the code for blender but then blender would be restricted from;

(3) use of the Software or any derivative of it for research with the final aim of developing non-software products for sale or license to a third party, or (4) use of the Software to provide any service to an external organisation for which payment is received.
Which, in a nutshell, would mean whoever distributed blender with this built in would be in violation of the GPL. It would be fair game if someone were to make a patch (or plugin) where the end user built it themselves – the problem comes from ‘distribution’ – as long as they never used it for any commercial activities.

Isn’t this the same thing that openmv does anyway?

libmv ?

I didn’t hear it would be realtime


I would use it to 3d track my footage to get CG scens from blender mixed with it fairly simple. To do so you need to track a couple of pixels (the more the better but also slower) to create a 3d grid, then map where the camera is filming from and reproduce it in your 3d software.

but this can track pretty stable, even when trackers go outside camera since it keeps it trackers in a 3d space. It could be hugely beneficial for the BGE, I think. I’ve seen a blender test where they used live webcam feed as a texture on a cube. if you can get live webcam feed into BGE and 3d track it you could make it look like your game is beeing played on your real-life desktop. etc.

yuck I hate licenses. sure they are good and I understand open source-ness :smiley: I personally love CC licenses. but this is just , … weird.

The problem with this now is ? … if i spend time into reading their code and trying to develop something for blender community. in my mind it’s purely so people can do commercial work with blender. if that contradicts their license. me and alot of other will never spend time on it. it’s worthless unless your doing the coding for a thesis at school.

Well guess I need to read it more closely and see the alternatives. A open source, with licesing making it plausible to use the tool to for your commercial work would be great. so I keep looking :slight_smile:

cant you use voodoo or something? its simpler?

just wait for Libmv. their developers will implement it in Blender also.
it wont be realtime, but realtime tracking will lack to much detail to be of any use in a decent 3d production.

i use pfhoe, it is really good, no shakes, and is really easy!

They’d probably give you a license to use their work commercially…for a fee and a cut of the profits…

The problem really is with the mixing non-GPL compatible code in a GPL’d program so you don’t lose your usage rights. Otherwise people could place any arbitrary usage restrictions on a GPL’d program and take away your ‘freedom to run, study, distribute and improve’ that are granted by the GPL.

Who knows, maybe if you asked nicely the authors would be willing to release it under a GPL compatible license or you could turn it into a dynamic lib which is also fine under the GPL.


Libmv seems promising! I rather wait for that to get fully implemented with blender. thanks for the headsup!

PTAM wouldn’t work for matchmove (in production pipeline), it is not useful, Libmv is taking care of that. But I can see PTAM in GameEngine actually for many uses !

PTAM is opensource, but actually I’ve seen some similar project LGPL and it’s based on SLAM (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simultaneous_localization_and_mapping) and some features detection. basically it means that it could solve the camera position and reconstruct the feature in 3d space in “realtime”. also many project like that which are already open source are sometimes ok to change their licence for blender if we keep the credits.

If you cannot find any use of that in game engine, well I do !!

I’m not a programmer, so implementing that in Blender for me wouldn’t be possible, but I’m working a lot on those technology (testing, research, … ). If anyone here is willing to make a try and needs help, I would be more than happy to help or discuss some thought about it.