2D and blender

Is ist possible to put 2D Animations (for the characters) in a 3D Blenderscene? And if its possible how must I do this (which software must be used for the 2D animation?) ???

sure you can just map an image sequence or an avi pile to a plane in the texture buttons, and there are some buttons ( in textures ) for frames, and if it’s avi file, you press the ‘movie’ button ( also in texture buttons ) you can also use alpha if you click the ‘use alpha’ button, ( and some other stuff,…ask again if you need to use alpha )

yes, as modron said, you can map animations to planes.

for you second question, the answer depends on what you really want to do. if you have a series of hand-drawn images, you can map them directly to a plane inside blender (assuming that they are properly named to make up a sequence that blender understands). if you wish to create the animation inside of a program, i’d suggest you have a look at flash - i did a couple of cel-animation sequences years ago, and it worked just fine. from there, you can output the animation as an AVI or MOV or TGA sequence for further use in blender.

AFAIK you can also use GIMP for animation, but i never tried that. the gimp behaves very sloppy (i think) thus i never had the nerve to dig deeper.


the difference is that gimp is a raster-based image editor, while something like flash(or others, such as inkscape) is vector-based. Animation is easier with vector drawing IMO.

Okay thanks for answers… :smiley:

I can get flash mx from my shool (cool eh :stuck_out_tongue: ).
… next question :smiley: : how can i synchronize (in Flash) Animation and Sound??? (1:1 24 frames per secound)

You’ll have to synch it in postpro… or can Blender do sounds?

… next question : how can i synchronize (in Flash) Animation and Sound??? (1:1 24 frames per secound)

If your trying to sync within flash, make sure you sound file is set to stream. When your sound file is selected, the menu to select that will be down in the property inspector. The exported movie will skip frames, if needed, to sync up with sound file.

also, aside from using alpha mapping and planes, I did one using cartooney shadeless charactrs, that were consructed of flat shapes set to shadeless, and rigged the same way as yo would a robot. I don’t know if many remember “spaghetti blender” though, since I never quite finished.

But even if you synch the sounds in flash, then export to AVI will the sounds play in Blender if the AVI is placed on a texture?


syncincg has to be done in blender anyway

Yeah but if I want to use lipsynchronisation, i must draw it synchron in the 2D programm and also hear the sound there. Of course I must then import it in blender.

Thx for answers :smiley:

Hmmm i have finished a little 2D Animation in Flash (It´s my first 2D animation… 12 frames per secound)

(flash) How must I export this into blender if i want to see the withe areas transperent? (blender) And how can I make that the material the animation plays on teh texture?
(flash)And: Can I also youse Movie Clip Symbols for the gif export. If I export such a symbol it doesn´t move

Hope you will understand my bad english… :expressionless:

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answer is: you have to do that all in another program like photoshop, or GIMP. as soon as you have extracted your frames, and converted them to a format that blender can read, like png, or psd, and, added an alpha channel for the white part,…then you can load the image sequence onto your plane, and click ‘use alpha’, then in materials, where ‘col’ is clicked, click also ‘alpha’, go over and check ‘ztransp’, and turn the alpha slider all the way down. now all you will see is the image, and not the backing.

no, you can export directly from flash - either a sequence (PNG, already with alpha) or a movie (AVI, MOV). i tried using a sequence as a movie-texture in blender, but for some reason it didn’t work. using an uncompressed quicktime instead worked fine. maybe some weird platform-issues, i’m on OSX

to use a sequence, just make a numbered sequence, in textures, choose image ( don’t click on movie ) , load the first frame of the sequence, and set the frames. blender will know it is a sequence.

yea thanks, i figured out already. most important thing was NOT to press movie. though it makes no sense at all…

Oops I have pressed “movie” %|

Thx for the answers :smiley: