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Hi all,

we are currently working on a project with which we will require some assistance soon. I’m looking for freelance animators who can take illustrations and animate them. The animations are short and relatively simple. This is an example animated in after effects, but I will be able to show some similar examples animated in Blender soon. https://vimeo.com/36554880. The technique in Blender uses unlit, transparent shaders on subdivided flat meshes, with armatures as required.

The illustrations would be provided as layered photoshop documents with transparency. Remote working is prefered.

In the first instance I would like to hear from anyone interested and to see any similar work you have produced.

These are paying jobs.

Many thanks

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Looking for freelance work
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I’ve used multiplane effects such as those shown in your link in a number of animations, with the image sources being Photoshop-generated files with alpha channels (generally PNG or TGA). The cloud effects in this example were produced from single stills split into depth-based sections. My showreel highlights both still and animated projects.

I want to chime in and recommend chipmasque. His experience is going to be a huge bonus on a project like this.

Just curious: why this is done in Blender? Flash, Toon Boom or TV Paint looks like a more natural approach…

I am Interested. Please send me the details to my mail. [email protected]

Hi there,

firstly, my apologies for not responding sooner, your email didn’t show up in my inbox. I only saw your comment when I logged on to answer someone else’s question.

You asked why Blender? The idea is to keep files sizes as small as possible and as I would be animating the illustrations in a 2d plane way, it makes sense to port across the 3d files, rather than rendering out minutes of HD video, which would create a massive app.

The illustrations are done traditionally (real paint on real paper) so the benefits of using a digital system like toon boom would be reduced significantly. Coupled with the fact, I don’t use toonboom or tv paint and you begin to see why. We did seriously look at animating them in after effects, which would have been great if we could have found a way to import the 3d files, complete with animations and bone deformations into Unity, but we couldn’t.

Hope that answers your question

Matt: )

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