2d animatic with camera motion

I have been given a new assignment at work to make animatics for our cinematics. As always it is a rush job. I was wondering what people’s opinion of whether or not I can do this easily in blender or if I need to get another software like Premiere or even another opensource software. I need the ability to quickly add 2d images to a timeline and zoom and pan on them. I also need the basic ability to add and trim sound. I know that Blender can do all of these things but I am uncertain how easily I can do them. If it was as simple as adding images to a timeline I know that the sequence editor would be quick. Its the zooming and panning of the images that I don’t know about. I am not looking to constantly render out image sequences and reimport them into the sequence editor either. Thanks for your input!

Lucky me I did find this after some searching:


So far it seems like blender might do the trick…