2D animation and Images from Krita / Photoshop

Hello, I am new to Blender, and I mainly want to use it for 2D animation. Now I use Krita for creating individual animated elements and characters. Since my computer isnt very high end, I have to do animation in small parts and file, so for eg. if the total animation has 100 frames, due to my computer I have to do in parts, but its a continous animation. and different files for different elements. Now I want to mainly use Blender to put all these elements together. I used the import as planes to import the image sequence in the 2D Animation mode and I was able to get a result as I wanted, however, now when I want to add the next part of the movement(frames) to this animation, however, when I import the sequence it gets imported again from frame 1 while I would want it to start somewhere after my initial frames. Is it possible to do that? Usually, in Krita when we import a sequence of images, they get imported in frames, in Blender, I am not seeing the individual frames, only a animated object which is the image sequence. Is it possible to delete maybe some of the frames after importing them into Blender?

Here is what I made

I want to add the next set of frames for the bird.
Thank you

The 2D animation workspace was created to use Grease Pencil object to draw animation in Blender.
Each drawing made at a specific frame inside Blender is a Grease Pencil keyframe.
Those keyframes can be manipulated like in krita.

But imported image sequence could only be converted into GP keyframes in next release of Blender.
And that is only concerning line art.

What you can currently do is : modifying settings of image sequences or directly tweak those image sequences in Video Sequence Editor (Video Editing workspace).

An image sequence has a setting defining number of frames involved in sequence, a Start frame setting and an Offset value to shift playback of sequence.

During the period when you don’t want an image sequence object to be visible, you can see simply animate its visibility.
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Oh ok… I will trying doing that. I will keep on doing my research and more trial and error to achieve the desired result. Thank you very much. :slightly_smiling_face: