2D ANIMATION buttons missing?

Hello there!

I am a new user of Blender 2D Animation and so far I am just drawing, adding some colour, erasing etc…
And so far I like it because it allows me to draw in my favourite tool -> Blender.
Most free apps let me save in the cloud only… or they overheat the computer for no reason.

But my tablet computer has no Bluetooth keyboard so I have an issue with ESC, CTRL Z, ENTER

So my question is simple:
Can buttons be added on screen in Blender like ESC, UNDO, REDO, ENTER, SELECT?

Thank you!

Im not sure if it is possible or not, but that is definetly not something easy to do. Probably an addon could do that.

You can however add Undo and Select to your quick favourites and change the keymap so your quick favourites are within hand, like some tablet button?. This won’t work for Esc and Enter since they are not operators.

I have a Microsoft tablet with Microsoft pen.
That stuff has no buttons.
It does have an eraser but sometimes is more practical to just undo.
So every time I go to Edit, Undo.

Then after some days I made courage and asked you guys how could Blender have an undo button on screen.

I was actually able to do that:

To add this button on your own you need to

  1. Enable Developer Extras and Python Tooltips in the preferences
  2. Right Click on the freezee icon and chose Edit Source
  3. Open Text Editor
  4. Paste this code after the freeze button:
sub.operator("ED_OT_undo", text = "Undo")

it should look like this:

  1. press on run script button:
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That is it :)) Thank you a lot! Should have done this many months ago…


I presume it will not always stay there. I have to remember on each new Blender to add in the code right?

Not if you make this file the default file


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