2d animation help help ???!!!!!1

:ba::ba: help i want to start 2d animation, but dont know where to start. I want to do it on a tablet not on paper(dont ask why) i want to buy bamboo http://www.wacom.com/bambootablet/bamboofun_features_benefits.php i got the money but dont know if it is good and i need tutorials on how to do 2d animations with that tablet and i dont know what software to use im going to use all my money on the tablet so a free godd program would help so any help would be good.

ps whats a tax exempt

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slow down.

watch lots of cartoons (tom and jerry, snow white etc).

learn how to Act

Read The Animators Survival Kit.

learn to draw.

Incidentally, why don’t you want to use traditional media?


[edit] if something is tax exempt that means that you don’t pay any tax for it.

double post, lag. sorry.

what if i cant draw and any better help about my questions lol

help help help help

Dude,get a grip on yourself.

This 3d and 2d ain’t easy. It takes time.

There is nothing that anybody can do to make you a great artist or animator that you can’t do for yourself.

Blender is free and the support and tutorials are some of the best out there for noobs like us.
I assume you have a computer,(hence how did you post here,duh),so just download Blender and do the gingerbread man tutorial and then move on to the others. After some time,if you have any talent,you will see some results. And then post them here for critique.

I’m slowly moving along on this road. It just takes time. My character is almost done and then I will post it here and endure the critics. Hahahha,should be fun,I can’t wait.

So just do it man,get the gingerbread man done and see if you can do it.


Use make-human & Blender 3d for your backgrounds etc. Have a look at my thread in the “Traditional” Section.

I’m not too hot on drawing . . . but the techniques that I use mean very little drawings. While my works I put up there is not par to art . . . the story I want my audience to read is …

If you can GIMP to kind of cartoonise your works, that’s a lot of the battle won.

ya but i want to start learning 2d first man have you not been seeing my spelling i just need a little help im not an idiot i know what its like to learn somthing and i know no one can teach you to be the best artist but there is some people who can show ou the way to it thats all im asking man really i want to start 2d animation first so i can become better at understanding the princaples i have been saving money for ,onth now so i have 100 i was asking but i see now i should see if im good at it but if im not that wont stop me from becoming an animater and im not some punk rich spoiled brat im a 14 yr old boy from a family that been working in hard labor for their whole life just how we got a computer i dont know but this is what i want to do and this is what im going to do mon. lol wtf i forgot what i was going to say any way need that pushing of the cliff any help thanks mikey

ps after typing this i went to youtube and listened to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV2ju156fmA&feature=related

Here’s the thing:

If you want more people to help you in any meaningful way, you’ve got to phrase your question more intelligibly. No one’s calling you an idiot, but you’ve got to slow down and write some sentences that begin with capital letters and end in periods.

Just because you’re hyperventilating doesn’t mean you have to type like that as well!

Yes,what Rocketman said.

Calm down,take your time.

You must try and write more legibly for people to take you serious. Not just here, but everywhere you go in life you will need to communicate.

The people here are willing to help everybody.

Ok, sorry for having a bitch fit. I just need help plz with 2d animation. Is it ok to get the bamboo fun tablet to start in 2d animation.

I did a search and came up with this thread on tablets,hope it helps some.


I looked at it didn’t really help me with getting started in 2d animation with the tablet i wanted.

Tablet are the same all around.
It depends o how you use it, what you create with it.
I don’t think you should be jumping into things so quickly, like people have said take it slow.
Work on your writing a bit to, it’s pretty annoying to read half the stuff you rant about.
Stop posting links to youtube, no one cares what your listening to as your writing a post.
If you want tutorials, their are other resources, search on google, you could even look at youtube for tutorials.

&I wouldn’t recommend you buy a tablet just yet.
Try traditional media first before spending the money.
I mean there’s paper everywhere, don’t blow a hundred bucks.
You have to practice alright? Getting a tablet won’t make you good.
Take the advice you’ve been given as well instead of shrugging it off.

So again, try paper first, take it slow, make your posts like nice.
Good luck to you,

Communication is a beautiful thing, you shouldn’t abuse the work of generations past and present simply because mainstream culture allows (and in some cases promotes) poor spelling.

Might I suggest that you begin by using MSPaint and Windows Movie Maker? (Assuming that you are using Windows)

Ok thanks: sorry for not getting it im sorry. so would it be good to learn 2d animation before 3d?

I think it’s more important to learn the one you’re more motivated to learn, both are difficult. So you’ll be better off learning the one you find most interesting.
For 2d animation something like this might be interesting for you: http://www.pencil-animation.org/
It’s also open source and free, and it might be fun to get into 2d that way (I havent personally tried it but it looks nice enough.

What i really want to do is 3d but lots of people keep telling me to start with the basics> I want to do 3d animation any tutorials or help.( for blender i use blender}.

Start helping yourself, look on google.
There’s tutorials on the blender site,
Theres a tutorial section on this website.
Stop begging around for help and do something yourself, your just wasting time.

Try following this tutorial :


It covers all the basics including rigging and animation.

If you want to start in the realm of 2D animation try creating a flipbook, or as I said earlier, using Microsoft Paint.