2d animation help help ???!!!!!1

cire im so mad im quitting the art world im going back to tagging on walls

That was quick. Do you quit everything you try that easily? You save for ‘months’ to get a tablet, finally get a hundred bucks, then just say “eh, fuck it” when you can’t find someone to link you to a tutorial you find acceptable?

Do you need someone to hold your hand when you cross the street, too?

I mean, I know I sound like a dick here, but if you want to learn something no one’s stopping you. 2D animation has a lower barrier of entry. You just have to practice your drawing, but with that pencil-animation app that was linked here already you can start practicing animation now. You’re not going to be making Akira in a week or anything, but you can do some bouncing balls and S-curve practice and then move on from there.

I say it’s “easier” to learn 2D than 3D because you don’t have to learn the subtleties of 3D modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting and rendering on top of animation. With 2D all you have to do is draw. You can improve your drawing skills a lot faster than you will improve modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, etc etc. Once you get a good feel for animation and how things move, then you can apply that to 3D animation without losing much in the process.

But if you’re gonna quit and go cry in a corner or something, then nevermind. All you have to do is google for some tutorials - or better yet… grab some paper and a pencil and go outside and draw something. No website is going to be able to inject your brain with experience and training. You do actually have to put in some effort.

lol: I’m just kidding im working on my 3d walk cycle its almost done but how do i export it and put it into youtube.

Render it as an avi file and upload it to youtube.

avi codec or avi the other thing

I would go for avi jpeg if it’s for youtube, or you could go for avi raw, and then use windows moviemaker on it, to make it smallen for uploading.

Oh and sarcasm doesn’t work well text based.

thanks but youtube said it was inappropriate wtf

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Just because you’re 14 doesn’t mean you have to act like an idiot.

Assuming you’re a victim of the Texas public education system (and judging by your grammar and spelling I’d say a good guess) why not just take an art class or two? Go tell your babysitters, err…teachers you want help to learn 2d animation and go from there.

For some strange reason teachers like for students to take an interest in their own education and personal development and tend to help those who ask for help. Go figure…

so now you’re doing a walkcycle. well great, but “as squiggly says” -tm- you’re probably better off honing your trad art skills before you go charging into walkcycles, waves and acrobatics.

if you’re only 14, you must have over 4 years of school left, then you could go to uni. that’s a lot of time to be concentrating and learning in art class, and then seeing what you like best to study at uni.

here’s a tip - don’t upload to youtube, use vimeo instead.


Take your time… there’s no point in doing something if you’re in a worry to finish it.
The beauty of it (whatever you consider “it”) is all in the path.
You can start walking the path by whatever way you want… just be careful wile choosing the path, make sure you can walk it and that you can reach is end, or else you may die somewhere between the 2 points.
You have limitations, so first know which they are and then choose things that push them, making you learn somethings, but in a progressive way, little by little… you will always have limitations, but if you chace them, by practicing, studing, tryal and error… you’ll get progressivly stronger and thus hable to walk progressivly dificult paths :slight_smile:

A montain climber doesn’t start is carear by the Everest :wink:
A car racer doesn’t start by the Formula 1… and so on and so on…

For the 2D animation there’s Pencil:
It’s free and ideal for the beginner.

Them, you may take a look to the Toon Boom Software (comercial) :

There’s software for all the limitations levels of a person (money included), special prices for students and they have allot of excellent tutorials that will help you. Besides most of professional studios work with it.

For 3D there’s Blender :wink:

I didn’t read all the previus posts, so sorry if I’m repeating info.
Good Luck! :wink:

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to all other people thanks for so much help and motivation. Im going to begin in 3d and thats final for al those who oppes welll deal with it. Dont mess with Texas

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Yeah seriously. I think Uncle Entity is spot on. There are some very young kids on this forum that sound much older. I think Mikey’s young age shines through blatantly in his posts. People are giving you good advice Mikey.

lol you caught me MentalKhandr : Wow! I was posing as a 14 year old kid, but i can see you people treat people like dirt. Come on guys really the kid needed help, and sure maybe he was dumb but you could have been more helpful thanks to all those who helped!!

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Come on mikey5356995,why don’t you just tell us exactly what your problem is.

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damn. the clue was in that extra 1 at the end of the post title wasn’t it! I knew he was too idiotic to be true.

No I am just messing with you guys, and I’m really a 14 year old kid. I just thought you guys could use a good laugh.

: any ways I’m almost done with the 3d walk cycle. I’m using a made model not bye me but from, http://jasonpierce.animadillo.com/resource/ludwig/ludwig.html I’ll post it here or better yet, I’ll post it on vimeo.

Thanks to all those who helped me.

Hahahhaa,I have friends in Texas,I know how weird you people are…:yes: