2D Animation in Blender


So, I’m looking to composite a bunch of 2D animations. The software I’m using for the animations is Flash, so the output will be either swf, movie, or a jpeg sequence.

My biggest question is, what would be the best way to insert these animations in Blender? Eventually what I would like to do is “zoom” through a scene. Example - in a forest scene, I want the “camera” to be moving through the forest with trees, shrubs, bushes,etc. passing by the viewing plane. All the imagery being 2D, mind you.

My first thought was having animatable materials (on plane meshes, most likely). Am I on the right track here?

Best regards.

Planes is probably the quickest way to go, but once you leave the nice clean world of flash vector land, you will have to deal with pixelization on close ups. if your flash elements are non-animated vectors, you may want to try and export them as AI files. Then open them up in Illustrator and save them as SVG. Then you can import the SVG file into Blender and have “cookie-cutter” style object that won’t pixelate along the edge on closeups. SVG files come into BLender as a curve which you can apply extrude and bevel to.

Atom, thank you. I’ll try that out!

You will get some information here