2d animation like south park

Upon reading I found that southpark studios use maya to animate their show. When I think maya i think 3ds, though i doubt it was the same program.

But still it got me thinking. I know in blender you can import 3d images as planes. I know if you use the right techniques you could also animate something like southpark. in terms of animation southpark seems rather minimalist only moving a few objects at a time rather than morphing the entire figure.

So what about objects that completely change, like if a character moves their head to the left or right. How would that be animated?

also in south park the images for the mouths change completely each frame.

from a youtube video it looked like there was a selection of objects to pic from.

Is there a way to do this in blender?

Its been a long time since I did anything with blender. Last time I worked on a game but my computer was having issues rendering the models used.